Tuesday, June 27, 2006

France through...

Will you believe it??? And how well did they do it???

3 - 1 is a score line, which even the ardent French fan would have thought possible before the game or even during the half time break. But that is how it ended. And Spain was one of the strongest teams on paper - atleast that's what i thought :) But Spain did play a scrappy game and perhaps dint deserve to win today. And France was no different, but it just had some experienced players who played a really clever good game.

And just for the record - Brazil swept aside the challenge from Ghana with a 3-0 win. Ronaldo made history to become the highest goal scorer in WC history. Brazil has never been beaten by and African team and no African team has ever scored against Brazil - both in the WC tournaments. Perhaps this was a more difficult thing to keep intact, rather than winning the match and Brazil won everything this day.

6th time??? 3 more matches to go :)


Ramkumar said...

u have great belief in brazil da. when i watch the match, i nervously expect the team to lose. just applying reverse-logic.
if they continue to play like this, they wud reach only brazil and not berlin. they r not having the fire and co-ordination.
Ronaldinho unnecessarily plays team game whereas adriano and cafu play selfish games. for god sake remove cafu and replace that guy with the promising Cicinho. i guess when pushed to the wall they wud emerge as champions. i sincerely hope for that.

Iday said...

the thing is Brazil is doing just enough to win the games. They havent really been pushed yet. The second half of the game against Japan was when they played their best football in the competition.

i see them getting their act together steadily. the game against Ghana, i hear, was great. i dint see it. But with their line up and the quality of their players - i place my bet on them.