Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It is official - ppl appreciate my writing skills...

Hehhe... That's just to say I got my official score report today. And guess what, GMAT scorers gave me a perfect 6 in AWA. I am so thrilled abt that because I had tried to be a bit too creative, out of instinct basically, when I wrote my Analysis of an Argument essay. And some 2 hrs and 30 mins later, I had begun to worry about it.

I very well knew that the essay readers in the AdComm (yes - I hear that the GMAT essays of international applicants are read and evaluated by the schools) of diff schools would appreciate those essays, coz their roles are very different from the GMAT essay evaluators (both the software and the human readers I mean). I was not sure whether the GMAT evaluators would appreciate my being creative in a professional essay - but sure like hell they did :)

And the funny thing would have been if I had scored a 4 or 5 in these essays - the AdComm members would read the essays and inspite of them being good they'd have these doubts in their minds as "why did this essay score only 4 (or 5)". Now that's out of the questions and that's why I am glad.

All in all - the GMAT has been done with in clinical fashion. Next lies applying. I have almost decided on the schools. Hoping for one more clinical performance to seal the show in R1 itself :)


inblue said...

That's a feat ! Cheers !

Iday said...

yeah thanks :)

howz ur prep moving???
got out of the work load and all that???

long time no noise from ya :)

inblue said...

This is possibly the worst time in 3 years when i could have chosen to write the damn GMAT ! The work load doesnt seem to reduce. Hey hey ! But am managing the prep well enuf. 2 tests down i have alteast a far idea now.