Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My date with GMAT

Tring... Tring...
A female receptionist (FR) voice answering "Hello!"
Me: "My name is Idayathullah. I have booked an appointment for GMAT this afternoon."
FR: "Yes sir. Tell me"
Me: "I would like to know the documents and other stuff to be brought to the test center"
FR: "Bring your passport and the GMAT confirmation mail sir. That would do."

So started the devils day (06.06.06), my date with GMAT. Will i unearth the devil or meet heavenly success - this day will tell.

I was not keen on working anything today morning. But still i forced myself into looking into the AWA stuff from Princeton and OG. I also skimmed through the Grammar rules mentioned in the SC section of OG. "Enough is enough" - echoed my conscience from outer space. I cannot hold back enough!!! I was itching to finish the test.

I had the passport, but i dint have a printout of the confirmation mail. I decided I'd have to pause at some computer center on the way. Took bath, put on my jean and one of the sentimental shirts i have - i was ready.

First stop - the nearest browsing center. Found that it was locked. Hmm... Good signs :) I decided I'd move to the test center and look for a browsing center somewhere nearby. The test center was in Nungambakkam, one of the prominent places in Chennai and there MUST be a browsing center there. I had already spotted the building one my way back from work. So i reached there easily. Time was just 12:15 PM.

The Pearson center was in the 6th floor and i decided I'd check that out, just to avoid any late surprises. The center was where it was supposed to be. So i moved out in search of the browsing center. Surprisingly i had to walk quite some distance before i cud spot one. Went in and took printouts for some 50 bucks and started the long walk back.

Knock Knock - hey Pearson, this is Idayathullah all set to try his hand at GMAT. Let me in.
There was this "meesakaara nanba" who wanted me to make entries in his register and the time was 12:40.

Went in and found 3 ladies sitting in. Looks like they take shifts and that means FR is not around. The other receptionist asked for my passport and a single piece of all the printouts i had taken. (auspicious sign number 2). I had to make a digital signature, which went wrong in the first attempt (asn 3), had my finger print registered and also had a mug shot taken.

"You can get in Mr.Idayathullah" - said the lady. So it begins and i was inside the test center some 40 minutes before scheduled time. I'd have lost my mind had i been made to wait there. So i get in. I was given a erasable scrap pad and a felt tipped pen. Was not bad - pretty much usable. They again took my finger print readings and was told that the same would be done on every entry and exit.

Entered the test hall and very very auspiciously, the mug shot appeared on the screen and scared the shit out of me :(
This was just not my day...

First impressions about the test - it was exactly similar to the GMATPrep software, right down from the tone of the blue being used till the font. No change at all. It was a good thing really. A new appearance would have had some effect on the test takers for sure. Okie let's go to the test...

First was AWA as usual, started with analysis of argument. Went on well, wrote a long essay with some 3 or 4 good points. Used all the 30 minutes to draft a good essay. Next came Analysis of an argument. Wrote a really long essay - had many points to discuss. Developed a home-grown example as well.

10 minutes of break - with finger prints being registered on the way out and the way in.

GMAT Math - something about which i have been very confident about since day 1 of preparations. Now was the time to test thy mettle and score well. The section went on well, with no big hickups. There were Questions where i had to think for 3 or 4 minutes, and there were also questions where i cud get the answer in a mere 10 seconds. Towards the end of the Math section, i was beginning to feel the fatigue. I could not come to any conclusion about the section - i just decided to forget about it and move on...

10 minutes of break - with finger prints being registered on the way out and the way in.

GMAT Verbal - something that was challenging to me since day 1 of preparations. Now was the time to implement all those plans i had drafted to tackle this session. In all the previous tests i had taken, apart from the PowerPrep Test 2, i was never confident of many answers i would select. Today was a lot better - i can make many confident selections, especially in the SC Questions. There was a marked improvement in the performance and i could feel it myself. RC and CR were not bad as well - I'm sure i dint screw up in a big way.

All done - now came the survey. Really - this one adds drama to the whole situation. As and when i completed each page in the survey, i only got more tensed. As i said, i cud not decide about Math and was not sure about Verbal anyway - so there were some "dhak dhak" moments.

Okie - now i finished all these 8 pages and hit the last next button. To tell the truth, i was scared to even look at the screen :) And then i gathered all my courage and literally peeped at the screen - and was THRILLED to see a 750.

Raised the hand, got out of the room and received my unofficial score sheet.

Really - it still hasn't sunk in :)


righty said...

Hey Iday,
Big big congrats on such a wonderful score!! You have made it buddy... Your dream school is just few steps away now...

I too m taking my GMAT within a couple of weeks and m in a very similar position... Confident about quant but havent crossed 38 in verbal in any of the mock tests... :-)

You referred to GMATPrep 2 and power prep 2 seperately in your posts... Now what i understand is GMAT Prep 2 is the second one of the two free sample tests from mba.com, right? Was just wondering what was power prep 2?

Congrats once again buddy!!!
Keep blogging!!

Iday said...

thanks a tonne righty. Will keep blogging for sure :)

U just need to dig it out with GMAT verbal. Till the last minute - i was revising stuff in Verbal :) I was deseparate to crack 40 in verbal and threw the kitchen sink, and perhaps the bath tub too, in a bid to score well. Revision of basics really help a lot and i actually found that i was able to find the odd ones in SC, my biggest nemesis, pretty easily in the test. RC and CR were a breeze too. So just keep working at it :)

Power prep was the software provided by GMAC when they were working with ETS. I downloaded it from a place i dont remember. Google for it and i'm sure you must find it.

the only time i crossed 40 in verbal was in powerprep second test and the actual test. Just maintain confidence and keep at it dude :)

all the very best...
ping me up in case u need anything :)

Batty eyes said...

Hi Iday,
First of all Congratulations :)

I am planning to take the GMAT in Oct 2006, in a bid to score among the 700's too.
It would seem strange that I hardly know you but that I am taking the liberty to ask a favour, I hope you won't mind.
I amin Chennai too.Could you (if you don't mind much) lend me your GMAT books (I need the latest of Kaplan 800 and 2006-2007 and OG 11th edition, I already have Cracking the GMAT by Princeton). I could return them back to you in October in exactly the same condition in which you gave them to me
In case you do mind lending, I don't mind buying it off you for a reasonable price.
Just that,you know each of these books costs a huge sum and for a 3 months prep, I was shocked at the costs.
Can you please let me know soon?

Hopefully yours,
(email to : recondite1@rediffmail.com)

Sameer said...

hey iday...congrats on a wonderful score and an enjoyable experience at Chicago Bschool. I was browsing through blogs until I stumped on yours. I am also planning on appearing for my GMAT sometime this year and your 3G philosophy is something I think will hold true for me as well. If you still have some aids, practice papers, GMATPrep software copy, powerprep tests, they would surely be helpful.

would appreciate if you could help.

Poornima said...

This sure is one of the most useful and well written blogs I have ever come across! I haven't read through all of the posts as yet, but I am pretty sure I will. Just from the few pages I have glanced through, I could gather a lot of info! Your posts DID give me the courage to dream BIG!