Thursday, May 31, 2007

Visa in the bag!!!

After a harrowing 1 hour wait in the sun, and some more long queues - i finally met the Visa Officer (a very mild and polite woman), explained my case and got the visa today!!! The Passport stamped with the visa would reach my home in about a week's time, i was told. So that is one more thing on the check list against which i could make a tick :)

Apart from the Visa, there have been quite a few updates.
  • My Random Walk has been confirmed. I am going to Brazil for a week long party with a dozen GSBits. Really excited and looking forward to it :) Once the passport reaches home, i should start the work to get a Brazil Visa.
  • I am yet to book my tickets. I was waiting to get the Visa, but was talking to a few travel agents side by side. I should now get quotes from them and book tickets ASAP. Looking to travel to Chicago around 15th August.
  • I submitted the lease application for the house. I am waiting to hear back from the apartment folks.
  • The loan application process has begun. I needed the Visa number to quote in the application. So once the Visa reaches me, i will finish the application and mail it to GSB.
  • There is a long shopping list i had prepared. Should start shopping for all items in the list. Since i absolutely love shopping, this shud be fun too :)
  • My first assignment from GSB is in, would you believe it!!! Actually, this is a pre-assignment, as in the assignment is given (and submitted) even before the course starts. A few days ago, I received a mail informing me about 4 different pre-assignments regarding the GSB LEAD program. I have already started working on the first one (which has the earliest deadline).
School starts in 95 days, says the countdown i have in my google home page. Cant wait for August :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

The silent me...

Long post no time. So unlike me...
I had nothing to blog about :( Nothing "happening" is happening in life :)

Over the past few weeks, life has been a mess. With four marriages (two of which i could not attend) and the responsibility to organize an event in my company, i really dint know how time flew.

Things are slowly, but surely, moving along at the Bschool end as well. But nothing concrete to share yet. Keep watching this space for more news in the days to come :)

I can say one thing about the GSB class of 2009 though - we've got amazing people and the google group is one huge RIOT :D Cant wait for August, when I'll meet all these amazing people in blood and skin :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

HPC gets a "costly" name change

This release from the news office of The University of Chicago announced the recent donation made by Mr. Charles M. Harper, class of 1950. In recognition of this donation, the Hyde Park Center will henceforth be known as the Charles M.Harper center.

As a result of this, I will be a part of the first batch that starts their MBA at the Charles M. Harper Center :)

Class of 2009, this is one thing we have to mention in our year book ;)