Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Dont Know What I'm Doing This Summer

First of all - thanks to JulyDream for helping me with the contact details of her friend who wrote and published a book. It was very nice of her, and her friend was very very helpful. It has definitely given me more direction in my pursuit.

It has been a month since I graduated. So much has happened, and still so little has moved forward (if at all)! I feel like I'm in a stage where I'm leaving one life and moving into another one. Beyond anything, I'm finally entering the this-is-so-boring stage of this summer! Really cannot wait to get busy again.

The city of Chicago has been quite a phenomenon during the summer - with so much happening. Living in this city isn't just about the snow after all! Even with all that's happening, the city has an empty feeling to it - now that almost all the folks who're moving out of Chicago have officially moved out. I'm trying to take advantage of these options, but going alone is kind of boring.

I managed to find a new place to live and I'm VERY excited about my new home! It is pretty close to work, so I can walk when I feel like walking to work. I'm moving there by the end of this month, and hence a lot of other things have been status quo! That kinda makes sense since I'm busy picking furniture for the new place ;) Over the next 15 days, I have loads of things to do - formalities to be completed before I move into my new place.

I also feel like I'm going through one more of my transformation stages. I mean, the process has been happening over the last many months - but I am now in the stage where I see myself different from who I've been over the last few years. The whole journey of business school, with all its ups and downs, has added a lot more to me. Things that happened to me and the people I met over the least few years also adds to the mix. Overall I feel like I've learned a lot more about good and bad, and also know where exactly I stand in that spectrum. I also feel I have a greater sense of clarity in what I want to be, and where my life is headed. Since I have too much time at my disposal, I've been introspecting a lot on these changes; and I must admit I feel pretty good about the things I've learned about me during some difficult times.

Overall - the mood is one of anxiety. Of looking forward to what's ahead. New place; New job; New people - I feel like I'm all set for a new chapter in life. Being the eternal optimist, I'm working hard to take only the positives from the last few months and move forward with new zeal.

And yeah - I do hope to blog more often. Till next time, adios!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

For many people in my generation, Michael Jackson is arguably the biggest global celebrity of our lives. The music, the moves, the magic - all very hard to replace. His shadow looms so large all along my childhood, and I'm sure all of us have SO many Jackson moments - crying to his songs, trying the moonwalk, wearing the single glove or simply just watching in awe at his performances!

This man will truly be missed, but will truly always be remembered through his music.