Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BoB results 2008

Congratulations to winners of BoB 2008 - July Dream (applicant) and m@ (student). Enjoy your new iPod touch guys! Also, congratulations to all the others who made it to the final list. It has been a great pleasure reading your blogs and i hope to continue reading them...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Employed - finally!!!

I just accepted the offer for my summer internship! I had time till Wednesday to decide, but after a few rounds of introspection i figured I'm already decided on this one and so i did not want to keep my recruiters waiting. So finally my internship search comes to an end, and the wait was certainly worth the job I finally got.

Contrary to popular belief (churned by my own posts i must admit), I will not be interning at an Investment Bank. Instead, I will be working with an Entrepreneur in Chile to help expand his business. In theory, I will be working for a firm in NYC that works with entrepreneurs in emerging economies. It promises to be a great learning experience, quite unconventional, challenging and with significantly higher responsibilities. I really am looking forward to the summer in Chile.

The internship search, for me, has been a great learning experience and has helped me understand a few important things that i did not know about myself. Very importantly, it made me stare at failure, provided more clarity to what i want to do long-term in my career, opened my eyes to numerous other opportunities that i found very interesting, and re-affirmed that there are many roads to Rome!

I am planning on writing a book about it at some point of time. Title suggestions anyone???

Sunday, April 13, 2008

BoB 2007-2008 Nomination

I have been nominated, once again, for ClearAdmit BoB. This time, it is under the student bloggers list. Thank you ClearAdmit; I very much appreciate the recognition. And congratulations to all the other nominees.

I believe this is a great time to ruminate on the past 12 months, as far as the blogging goes. I should admit, i intended to blog a LOT more than i did. There are many Chicago GSB experiences i wish i could have spent more time and words on, but it did not happen so. I clearly underestimated the time commitments of a Bschool life. Having said that, i should also admit that given the crazy schedule of a GSB life, i am surprised myself i blogged as much as I did. I'm just doing SO many things at school, and I hope i gave a peek into my life in the Windy City.

As promises go, I am trying to get my life back in order. I believe i am almost there, and once done i should waste lesser time on thinking about myself and more on things i love to do - blogging included. There is definitely more to GSB-life, and I hope to bring more to you guys in the months to come.

More blogging

Being a well-known blogger, well, brings more blogging.

I have been entrusted with the responsibility of managing the blog for the upcoming India Business Conference, organized by the South Asian Business Group of Chicago GSB. The blog went live a few days ago, and is quite fun. If you follow Indian Business, keep an eye open for updates on the conference through the blog.