Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where's my Fall???

I am from Chennai. We have four seasons. Hot, Hotter, Hottest, and one where it rains. I moved to Chicago. I was promised I'd experience the real four seasons. I've seen them all. Cold, Colder, Coldest, and one where the sun teases us between rain showers. As much as i enjoy cold weather (I honestly do), can a brother enjoy some variety please!!!

This last month (yeah I post once a month these days) has been all about the weather.
And all that resting and relaxing.
And a lot of cooking - the internet is full of information goldmines!
And discovering more of Chicago - thanks to all my friends.
And the movies - thank you Hollywood for a fairly decent summer line-up. NetFlix rocks.
And the PlayStation3 - thank you Sony for the new device, and the drop in prices.
And the books.

Yeah - I said books. I started this summer with this grand plan to finish writing a biographical book. Given how long the break has been (Four more weeks to go) I've been inspired with two other plots that I'm seriously considering writing. These are fiction plots, and hence completely uncharted waters for me. But I'm excited about the plots - so I might at least try. The first book hasn't made as much progress as I'd like to claim - but it has made some good progress. I'm only working on that book for now - the fiction books need a LOT of research that I haven't even started looking into. This is going to be a great winter! It's time for that library membership ;)

So all these "activities" kept me occupied during last month. Next month seems to promise more of these activities, and a return to a some analytical, business world stuff - as I prepare to transition into my work. Given how much I've relaxed, I plan to get working on some basics in the next few weeks. Hopefully they'll get me up to speed. I'm really looking forward to start working.

So that's that for now. Till later, stay warm and be nice!