Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Editorially Elated...

That's my status in Facebook since Monday morning!

Reason: I have been chosen as one of the two Editors in chief of the Journal of Chicago GSB, ChiBus.

ChiBus was my first peek into the life at GSB and i fell for it at first sight. It is very representative of the culture of the school and i would recommend all applicants to regularly read the online version of the journal. It definitely helped me learn more about the school.

At GSB, I decided to get involved in things i love to do, rather than taking up "resume filler" roles. I worked for the present ChiBus team, wrote articles, helped them during production and absolutely loved the work. So i decided to lead the ChiBus effort for the next one year and applied last week when they called for applications. The present team also felt i would do a good job and so I got the positive response Monday morning. It really feels great. I am genuinely excited...

My co-editor-in-chief is an amazingly sweet girl. We've worked for ChiBus right from the beginning and we've worked together as partners for two days - I really enjoy working with her. Also, ChiBus is really a group of about 20 people. We are now trying to put together our team for the next 12 months and we're adding some nice people to the group. If everything goes per plan, ChiBus promises to be a lot of fun and a great experience. I am definitely looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

To all the readers, a very happy thanksgiving day. Hope all of you enjoy the welcome break and take enough and more rest during the long weekend.

It started snowing in Chicago today and the sight is fabulous!!! I am not sure if i will use the same description for the snow as we go deep into the winter, when the snow gets thicker. But i guess the sight of the first snow every winter is just as beautiful as it is today!!! Considering this is the first time i am seeing snowfall, it is all the more endearing!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Golden Gargoyles 2007

It was party time yesterday, as GSB celebrated the 2007 version of the annual Golden Gargoyles Awards. It was a long fun filled night - I am still recovering!!!

Now, for a bit of background. Each class in GSB is split into ten cohorts. The only class we attend as a cohort is LEAD. We dont have a class or section based course experience, because of the completely customizable curriculum. As a part of LEAD, each cohort makes cohort videos, which are then evaluated under various categories and awards will be distributed, a la the Golden Globe Awards. The best cohort video also gets the biggie award of the night.

But there is more - this is also the place where the LEAD facilitators (second years who conduct the LEAD program for us) freak out. They dance and sing and party - it was just awesome. This year's Golden Gargoyles had the 90's theme - so there was a buzz in the air even before the show began.

The show did begin, with a medley dance show by the facils - all famous songs from the 90s. They'd put in so much effort into this, it was very well done. The dances were definitely not perfect dances, but they were really really cute. Cute works! We should really appreciate the enthusiasm of the facils in putting up such a good show.

In between the dances, the winners were being awarded with the Golden Gargoyle in typical award ceremony style, acceptance speeches included. Some of the videos were freaking awesome, in both concept and the way it was shot. It was amazing to see how these guys created screen magic with the limited resources they possessed - awesome! As i mentioned in my earlier post, this year we also did a commercial for the brand Diageo. The commercials were so good, the company chose two winners instead of one.

The day ended with an open dance floor - i did a lot of dancing! The food was amazing and the liquids were flowing all over the place - Diageo, with its full array of drinks, was making their presence felt. The show ended at 1AM and some of us moved from there to a nearby bar to continue the fun. It was a really long night...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The long overdue post...

B school is fun. There is just so much happening.

I "celebrated" my uneventful 26th birthday on the 10th. The celebratory cake cutting at the stroke of 12 among classmates, and a few important fone calls promised a good day. But the rest of the day was filled with void. Perhaps the worst bday i have had in recent years. Some of my college buddies came to meet me in the evening, and ganjaturtle joined us later. But i was already bugged so badly that i just cud not cheer myself up. We went out shopping and the day ended, quite aptly, with a bad dinner and more disappointments later on. A forgettable Saturday - that pretty much rounded up a tumultuous week.

Winter is here, and believe me, i was not prepared for the gloom. It is definitely not for the faint hearted. When i arrived - I had the glorious lake Michigan in front of my eyes every morning when i woke up. Now i have to see a huge, dark, depressing and at times scary water body and it is definitely not the best sight to begin ur day with. Days are short, you feel like 9PM when it is just 5PM and activity levels are clearly at an all time low. This is my first real winter, and i am definitely looking forward to my encounters with the snow. But the depressing darkness of the winter - it took some time getting used to. I still don't think I've learnt to handle it. Good company is absolutely essential, but not always available coz of the crazy schedules.

As i mentioned earlier, recruitment activities are moving full steam at GSB. Things are kind of back to normal, as we don't have 3 presentations a day to handle anymore. Now we are at a stage when we reach out to banks, get to learn each other and take things forward. I am enjoying the process of meeting all the bankers, learning more about the industry and the bankers as such. Quite unsurprisingly, most of them are candid about the work they do, the hardships they face and the riches they reap. It is a high octane job - and the more i talk to bankers and banks, the more i believe i am cut out for the job in many aspects

Speaking of banks and bankers, the Investment Banking Group of GSB organized the annual IBG conference at the Hyatt Regency - McCormick Place on Nov 16th. The event was entirely enjoyable, with round tables and panel presentations and lot of opportunities to meet and interact with the bankers. All top banks had huge presence and, as one of my classmates put it, it was "...like a buffet dinner"!

In between the stressful recruitment activities and the depressing winter mood, we have the annual Golden Gargoyles event planned for today. The 10 cohorts of the GSB class have slogged their butts over the last few weeks to come up with Cohort Videos. This year, we also did a commercial shoot for Diageo, and they're gonna pick and use the best commercial on display. The evening has the 80's theme (i still don't know what to wear) and we are gonna watch the second year LEAD facilitators perform for us. Promises to be a fun evening.

So - there goes one more week and another week full of work load lies ahead of me. Till next time, be good and be happy folks...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Chicago school visits & interviews

The first round admissions program is in full stream. I was again at the GSB Live greeter program today morning. At least two people knew me through the blog, and it would have been great if they'd mentioned about their arrival before hand - it would have allowed me plan my schedule and spend some time with them. I am meeting one of them late in the evening to try answer his questions.

Interviews are starting next week i guess. I just signed up for a bunch of "pacifier" programs - if selected, i will be meeting interviewees before their interview and try to help them through the interview. So again, if anyone is dropping by, leave a note! I would be glad to help with whatever i could do. If anyone needs any info about any part of the process, please leave a note (with an email id) and i will get in touch with u ASAP.

To all the folks all over the world, doing their interviews in the next few weeks - Good luck. You are one step closer - so take prepare well and i hope you get to hear positive news very soon.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Juggler

Join me in wishing Juggler on her birthday, as we find her (true to her name) juggling the numerous Bschool activities at Wharton. She looks a little zapped at the moment, but i'm sure she'll feel better than ever very soon.

So listen gal - here's wishing you a very very happy birthday!!!
May you have a great year and a wonderful life ahead :)