Saturday, November 17, 2007

The long overdue post...

B school is fun. There is just so much happening.

I "celebrated" my uneventful 26th birthday on the 10th. The celebratory cake cutting at the stroke of 12 among classmates, and a few important fone calls promised a good day. But the rest of the day was filled with void. Perhaps the worst bday i have had in recent years. Some of my college buddies came to meet me in the evening, and ganjaturtle joined us later. But i was already bugged so badly that i just cud not cheer myself up. We went out shopping and the day ended, quite aptly, with a bad dinner and more disappointments later on. A forgettable Saturday - that pretty much rounded up a tumultuous week.

Winter is here, and believe me, i was not prepared for the gloom. It is definitely not for the faint hearted. When i arrived - I had the glorious lake Michigan in front of my eyes every morning when i woke up. Now i have to see a huge, dark, depressing and at times scary water body and it is definitely not the best sight to begin ur day with. Days are short, you feel like 9PM when it is just 5PM and activity levels are clearly at an all time low. This is my first real winter, and i am definitely looking forward to my encounters with the snow. But the depressing darkness of the winter - it took some time getting used to. I still don't think I've learnt to handle it. Good company is absolutely essential, but not always available coz of the crazy schedules.

As i mentioned earlier, recruitment activities are moving full steam at GSB. Things are kind of back to normal, as we don't have 3 presentations a day to handle anymore. Now we are at a stage when we reach out to banks, get to learn each other and take things forward. I am enjoying the process of meeting all the bankers, learning more about the industry and the bankers as such. Quite unsurprisingly, most of them are candid about the work they do, the hardships they face and the riches they reap. It is a high octane job - and the more i talk to bankers and banks, the more i believe i am cut out for the job in many aspects

Speaking of banks and bankers, the Investment Banking Group of GSB organized the annual IBG conference at the Hyatt Regency - McCormick Place on Nov 16th. The event was entirely enjoyable, with round tables and panel presentations and lot of opportunities to meet and interact with the bankers. All top banks had huge presence and, as one of my classmates put it, it was " a buffet dinner"!

In between the stressful recruitment activities and the depressing winter mood, we have the annual Golden Gargoyles event planned for today. The 10 cohorts of the GSB class have slogged their butts over the last few weeks to come up with Cohort Videos. This year, we also did a commercial shoot for Diageo, and they're gonna pick and use the best commercial on display. The evening has the 80's theme (i still don't know what to wear) and we are gonna watch the second year LEAD facilitators perform for us. Promises to be a fun evening.

So - there goes one more week and another week full of work load lies ahead of me. Till next time, be good and be happy folks...

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