Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

To all the readers, a very happy thanksgiving day. Hope all of you enjoy the welcome break and take enough and more rest during the long weekend.

It started snowing in Chicago today and the sight is fabulous!!! I am not sure if i will use the same description for the snow as we go deep into the winter, when the snow gets thicker. But i guess the sight of the first snow every winter is just as beautiful as it is today!!! Considering this is the first time i am seeing snowfall, it is all the more endearing!!!


Ajay said...

Thanks iday
Same to you
Any way I can ask specific questions
abt GMAT perp ?
Can i get ur email id?

mayank said...

Hi Iday,

I needed to speak to you on Chicago's interview. I am currently based out of Hosur abd have my interview scheduled on 1st December. Will it be possible for you to speak for some time.