Sunday, November 18, 2007

Golden Gargoyles 2007

It was party time yesterday, as GSB celebrated the 2007 version of the annual Golden Gargoyles Awards. It was a long fun filled night - I am still recovering!!!

Now, for a bit of background. Each class in GSB is split into ten cohorts. The only class we attend as a cohort is LEAD. We dont have a class or section based course experience, because of the completely customizable curriculum. As a part of LEAD, each cohort makes cohort videos, which are then evaluated under various categories and awards will be distributed, a la the Golden Globe Awards. The best cohort video also gets the biggie award of the night.

But there is more - this is also the place where the LEAD facilitators (second years who conduct the LEAD program for us) freak out. They dance and sing and party - it was just awesome. This year's Golden Gargoyles had the 90's theme - so there was a buzz in the air even before the show began.

The show did begin, with a medley dance show by the facils - all famous songs from the 90s. They'd put in so much effort into this, it was very well done. The dances were definitely not perfect dances, but they were really really cute. Cute works! We should really appreciate the enthusiasm of the facils in putting up such a good show.

In between the dances, the winners were being awarded with the Golden Gargoyle in typical award ceremony style, acceptance speeches included. Some of the videos were freaking awesome, in both concept and the way it was shot. It was amazing to see how these guys created screen magic with the limited resources they possessed - awesome! As i mentioned in my earlier post, this year we also did a commercial for the brand Diageo. The commercials were so good, the company chose two winners instead of one.

The day ended with an open dance floor - i did a lot of dancing! The food was amazing and the liquids were flowing all over the place - Diageo, with its full array of drinks, was making their presence felt. The show ended at 1AM and some of us moved from there to a nearby bar to continue the fun. It was a really long night...

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