Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Editorially Elated...

That's my status in Facebook since Monday morning!

Reason: I have been chosen as one of the two Editors in chief of the Journal of Chicago GSB, ChiBus.

ChiBus was my first peek into the life at GSB and i fell for it at first sight. It is very representative of the culture of the school and i would recommend all applicants to regularly read the online version of the journal. It definitely helped me learn more about the school.

At GSB, I decided to get involved in things i love to do, rather than taking up "resume filler" roles. I worked for the present ChiBus team, wrote articles, helped them during production and absolutely loved the work. So i decided to lead the ChiBus effort for the next one year and applied last week when they called for applications. The present team also felt i would do a good job and so I got the positive response Monday morning. It really feels great. I am genuinely excited...

My co-editor-in-chief is an amazingly sweet girl. We've worked for ChiBus right from the beginning and we've worked together as partners for two days - I really enjoy working with her. Also, ChiBus is really a group of about 20 people. We are now trying to put together our team for the next 12 months and we're adding some nice people to the group. If everything goes per plan, ChiBus promises to be a lot of fun and a great experience. I am definitely looking forward to it.


Annie said...

Hi Iday, I'm not sure if I've clicked on the correct link to leave a comment to your "Editorially Elated" entry, so hope you get this.

Again, con-f*-grats for applying and getting the editorship. ChiBus is really lucky to have you. We were utterly impressed by your passion for ChiBus and the GSB - we believe that you and T squared will do an amazing job. I, personally, am very excited to see how you guys will further increase the the ChiBus brand with your creativity. Good luck and have fun! - Annie

sangoman said...

hey Iday - done with my interview - think I'm gonna be your junior next year. Am definately gonna ride the Chibus as well :).

See you later alligator

andy said...

Congrats on your achievement. I have read some of your blogs and am impressed with your focussed approach on your goals. I am sure you will go far.

My son is a prospective applicant to Chicago GSB and during the internet search I came acroos your blog.

Keep writing. There are many readers like me looking forward to it.

Iday said...

Thanks a ton!!!

Congrats and good luck for the results.

Thanks for your wishes and kind words.

Gopal Sukumar said...


Thats wonderful! Congrats and keep it up.