Friday, September 18, 2009

Tic Toc Tic Toc

The operative word this summer is time! How much time I have, how well I spend my time, how I find ways to kill time and what I gain from all this time I had/have. Clearly, I haven't done enough blogging - but I have definitely done a few things with this time that I had!

First of all - the summer has been a boon in terms of Me-Time! And I needed lots of it. Looking back, I realize that a LOT of things happened since I came back from Chile last year. School, Classes, Job, Friends, Family - things I did, things we did, things people did to me, things people did to themselves, and other things that just happen! Remember how we feel when a very good movie comes to an abrupt end? I felt exactly the same way! A little bit numb, a little bit empty, but a lot to process. I've used the free to time to sit down, look back and put everything in perspective.

Having evaluated last year - I just want to say it has been one hell of an experience! On so many aspects, I've learned so much! I've seen new levels of goodness and badness around me. While I'm grateful for all the good things that happened and all the good people I met, I'm not one to sit here and complain about all the bad stuff that happened and all the bad people I met. I can only control the things I do, and the things I say - so the best way to move forward is to leave the bad stuff (and people) behind and get rid of them from my life. To start focus on myself, who I am, what I can do and what I should do!

All this free time has also helped me catch up with the things I missed doing during business school. I've watched almost all movies released this summer. I'm in the middle of 6 (or 7) different books. I'm writing again - even though I haven't made as much progress with the book as I'd like to claim! I've been hitting the gym frequently. I've started cooking frequently. I'm hanging out with friends, getting in touch with friends I haven't called in a while and making new friends. I've just been doing fun things - I went to a U2 concert, I attended many shows at Millennium Park, I've tried out new restaurants in the city, I've taken more photographs, I've walked around new locations in the city, I went to museums with friends, I've been to new bars! Overall - I feel like life is back!

After a bad period of time, I really feel alive! And I really believe all this Me-Time was absolutely necessary for me to get back to where I am today. Now I'm all fired up to start working and kick some ass! I just can't for November. In the meantime, I am simply going to have a lot of fun!