Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A day in the life of a wannabe i-banker’s @ GSB

Recruitment has officially begun at GSB. I had my first taste of the hectic schedule ahead of us. I guess the first day was intentionally planned to be so, so that we could know what was in store for us for the rest of the season.

So, without further ado, here is my yesterday...

3:00 AM - After preparing for events (read up companies etc) and the rest of day (classes etc) hit the bed.
7:00 AM- Wake up unwillingly. Hit the shower, and get ready for the day. Breakfast like a king, you will need to stock up fuel.
8:00 AM - Read up more about companies etc. Pat self on the back for not opting for a Monday morning class.
11:00 AM - Catch up with classmates who are attending the same event. Move to location of event.
11:45 AM - First event begins - stare at the room where a number of bankers from a global i-bank are talking to huge groups of people. Find someone you consider to be interesting and discuss all-things-under-the-sun (including economy, finance, banking and recruiting of course) to him/her.
12:00 noon - Presentation starts, followed by speech from famous banker.
12:30 PM - Speech ends. Get back to talking to people.
1:15 PM - Excuse self out, run to classroom to sit for accounting mid-quarter exam. Yeah you heard that right - mid-quarter exam!!!
1:30 PM - Start 90 min long mid-quarter. Solve expert accounting questions using balance sheets, income statements, statement of cash flows and GAAP policies! Baah...
3:00 PM - Learn from TA that professor is due only at 3:30. Run to cafeteria to grab some lunch. Feel REALLY like a banker as you wolf down the food in the available 15 minutes.
3:30 PM - Attend accounting class.
4:30 PM - Run to a different location, two blocks from school, for next set of recruiting events.
4:45 PM - Multi bank recruitment event begins - meet people from 4 different mid-market banks. Discuss with the bankers about what they do and what they have in offering.
6:30 PM - Event ends. Gather friends who are attending next event. Thank the buddy who offered a ride to the downtown steak place where event is happening.
8:30 PM - Cocktail event of a bigger mid-market bank starts. Hold discussions with these bankers and try to get answer for your questions/doubts.
11:30 PM - Return home, thanking that the day is over, scared about what lies tomorrow.
12:00 midnight - Start preparing for the next day. Thank the professor who gives take-home mid-quarters!!!
12:45 AM - Wait! When did i fall asleep???


forrest gump said...

that banker dress up looks smart. why havent i caught you around in that costume here ? i think i need to come visit you guys at the Goldman event - when's it scheduled for ?

Sudha said...

lol! its kinda nice to know u r going thru the same madness!

Shobhit said...

Hey I-day
U r scaring me!! But still I'd love to join this madness two years later.. :-)

And Hey,Are you considering writing a book by any chance?? You surely are a gr8 writer and ur book taking us through ur journey from GMAT thru Apping to (and thru) Chicago!! It surely will be a hit especially among the Indian students!!
(Am reading "Snapshots from Hell" these days, Would love to read a similar book by an Indian IT guy)