Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekly digest?!?!?!

That is what this blog is turning into, as i mostly paste one post a week, trying to fit in all the stuff that's happening in my MBA life. This time, it has been a full 10 days!!! Needless to say, life is busy.

Since a lot of things happened over the last 10 days, in pure MBA style, i am gonna jot down stuff in bullet points ;)

  • Yours truly participated in the prelims of the Chicago GSB National IPO challenge and learnt how to do a really bad DCF valuation of a firm. Nevertheless, it was a great learning experience in financial modeling and team dynamics!
  • The 30 days of fasting ended and i celebrated Ramadan inside a study room inside Harper Center of Chicago GSB. Ramadan and IPO challenge prelims were on the same day!!!
  • Joined GSB-DSAC and have been handling a barrage of emails from them. If anyone is attending the GSB live event this Friday (or visiting GSB any other time), leave a note in the comments section and I'll be glad to meet ya
  • Attended numerous Lunch 'n' Learns and enjoyed free (and useful) information from bank representatives, while munching free food
  • Went out with my cohort (name: Phoenix) to a nice bar
  • Attended IBG Bar night and partied with fellow wannabe bankers. Also, met second years and got myself overloaded with info about their internship experiences
  • Did i say i went to both of these on the same night!!!
  • Met a new bunch of first and second years at a "Cold Call Dinner" organized by the GSB GBC.
  • Partied out at my first proper TNDC
  • Again, did i say i went to both of these on the same night!!!!!!
  • Delivered a speech about "pick up lines" in my LEAD class
  • Attended a Mocktail (that simulates the recruiting cocktail events) session held by Career Services.
  • Had a nice quite dinner with my squad mates
  • Spoke about my Brazil Random walk in LEAD related ACT seminar
  • Played my first soccer game for GSB - a practice game with UChicago law school
  • Slogged on my resume, after review comments from many people

Things to look forward to:
  • Multiple assignments due this week and the next
  • Midterms in a week's time
  • First school tour for DSAC on Wednesday morning (again, anyone coming on Wednesday???)
  • Resume review with Career Advisor
  • First GSB live session on Friday (again, ???)
  • Soccer game at Kellogg on Saturday (i might drop out coz of the midterms)
  • Official beginning of recruitment on Monday (read: Life goes OUT OF CONTROL)

Till the next post...


Ramkumar said...

adapaavi what have u done to ur once gud looking hair.
"Official beginning of recruitment on Monday" - do they start recruiting u @ the beginning itself?

Vikas D said...

damn iday, thats a good looking picture!!