Monday, June 05, 2006

The problem of a plenty

I thought i wudnt come online for the entire day, but the ordeal of choosing 5 schools to report my scores tomorrow made me do some last minute googling and all. I thought I'd very well post the stuff on my blog too :)

I have chosen my 5 schools and the list stands so:
  1. Wharton
  2. Stanford
  3. Columbia
  4. London
  5. Chicago
There is a second list too, not really in that order of preference. I might apply to some of the schools in the second list as well in the first round. Here we go:
  1. Stern
  2. Dartmouth
  3. Yale
  4. Ross
  5. Kellogg
  6. UCLA
  7. Duke
Dunno whether including the high risk (Wharton and Stanford) in the free list is a good plan. But if i do score to my expectations, these are the schools i am gonna apply to first of all. I don't like the alternative of including the safe schools in the free list. Coz I'd then have to pay for the only schools i might get to apply :)

The perennial optimist i am - I'd stick to this list only and hope that I'd score enough to apply to my preferred schools.

As u guys must have noticed, the flavor of the list is finance. That's the target sector and that justifies the choice of these schools for me. There are lot of other factors as well, but this single thing prevented schools like Harvard, MIT and UCB from featuring in my list.

I haven't done anything today. Tried my hand at some CR with Kaplan 800 and found it too boring. So decided I'd chill out. Having chilled out too much, now i wanna do something; which is really good in a way. So I'd probably do all the Math formula and Grammar rules revision now and also work on the AWA section.

I'm still confused reg the choice of schools. So if any of u got any opinions, plz drop in a comment. I'd login tomorrow morning to finalize the list, before starting to the test center.

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