Friday, June 23, 2006

Quite a strange week.

From Anxiety to Exhilaration to Desperation...
I missed to mention the fever :)

I was anxious coz i knew that my score reports would come in some time this week. Eventhough GMAC says 20 days, it normally comes in after a fortnight. The week started in a bad way - i dint go to work on Monday coz of a fever. A fever which still has some 10% of it within me. A fever which has sent my perennially affected Sinus glands some over time work. A fever that has left me tired as the weekend begins. I dint go to work on Tuesday as well, something very important coz i don't remember the last time i was on leave for bad health.

But then, a friend had come back from US and was planning to come to our office to see us all. So out goes fever to the dust bin and i went to office, only to find that i was right on time for a weekly status meet, inside a chilling cold Meeting room. Sat through the meeting cursing my luck (or the lack of it) and she came just when the meet got over. There are 2 more of us in our small "gang" and we kept speaking on and on for more than 3 hrs - it was a gr8 time. The usual US chocolates were there to keep the energy levels flowing :)

Tuesday had started on an interesting note coz i saw this mail from GMAC which screamed "SCORE REPORT AVAILABLE IN 24 HRS". Why on earth did they have to do that??? They cud have sent that once the report was available. Why build anxiety??? I was all the more anxious coz of my interesting essays - i was eager to know how it worked with the GMAC team. But Tuesday had a great ending coz i was able to d/l the score card in approx 18 hrs after the mail. And my essays had been hugely successful. I came back home shivering but smiling :)

The rest of the week has been pretty normal work + school investigation stuff. But i slacked a bit in work. We had a long long design discussion on Wednesday (i was still not well) and some follow up work to do on Thursday and Friday. Figured out one Wednesday that some of my understandings were wrong and then i cud not work out simple stuff on Thursday. My mentor gave me an earful on Thursday, to get me back to track. Guess it is a combination of the fever and "high" given by the GMAT score sheet. Was good to remind myself that i still had to live with this work for the next 1 yr or so and hence i better don't slack.

Today has been jus bad. Had to run around the whole day to get some stupid 10 yr old h/w working and then had to run some more to make that speak with a brand new one. Did get that done, but it took one heck of a day. It was all the more frustrating coz we had an existing h/w which was fully configured and it got spoilt. And there was so much s/w tweaking around to do. And there was so much spec reading to do. There was just so much to do. Hopefully everything is ready - we are set to do the work and it shud go thru well on Monday. Such a bad day.

Now - here lies the weekend ahead of me. Hope it will bring some fun. Have to attend an engagement tomorrow. Time to parteee...

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