Sunday, June 04, 2006

1 day to go...

Jus gave my GMATPrep test 2.
Scored 700 - Q 47 and V 38.

That was a lesson on how, or rather when, not to take a test. I was disoriented, tired, sleepy and all the sober things in life. Q 47 does not disappoint me at all - i know i am gonna do well in GMAT math. Today my mind was so pre-occupied with yesterday's show that i did not get time to work on the last Q in math. Infact, i had to hurry with my last 10 Qs for loss of time. I am sure such stuff wont happen in the test. Simply saying, no issues :)

V 38 - as i always keep saying, i will take that any day. Considering all my cribbing about being disoriented and all, that is much better too. I did concentrate more in section V, but again - the events that happened yesterday are jus too good to forget :)

So - with a less than normal competency level, i have scored 700 and i will take that to be a good sign. Having said that, I must also accept the fact that i have to display much much higher levels of concentration in the test center to reach the scores i want to achieve.

Okie - the dance team is meeting at the Amethyst this evening. Gotta get ready for that.



inblue said...

happened to me yeaterady.
Kaplan 2 at 9.30 at night !!

True that was a lesson on how not and when not to write a test !

Iday said...

Never knew u were bugged with OCOD too.
Sweet that u remembered that i had put up a similar post and made ur comment in this post :)

As a friend of mine who's in IIMA says - it is better to get all ur shocks before u get into the test hall LOL :)