Friday, June 02, 2006

I now know how a 760 wud feel!!!

Coz i scored exactly that in the PowerPrep test 2.

760 : Q 51 V 41

BTW, Q51 means i got NOTHING wrong. Nothing wrong and only 51??? That's the max GMAT wud give u. I knew that all along - GMAT jus does not give u more than 51, even if u get all of it correct. You can only score a maximum of 99 percentile in Q and V and 97 in AWA.

V41 - my best in this section till date. I used all my strategies and concentrated really hard. I will die to get this score on test day. Hopefully, it will be the same :) As i had mentioned earlier - I'd settle for anything above 38 anyway :)

What 760 does to me - nothing but raises hopes. I was all along ready to settle for anything above 720. As i had already mentioned in my blog, my aims were a Q50 (while I'd try for a 51) and V38 (or more :D). That is way beyond 720 i guess. A Q51 and V38 must give me a 740 atleast and I'd gladly take that.

I even did the AWA section properly this time, so i now know i can dig deep throughout the length of the test and still concentrate hard in section V. That is a great improvement from the days when i used to get pissed off by the 20th Q in V.

All said and done - I still have my reservations against PowerPrep. It simply does not consider 25% of the Qs for calculating the scores, which might not be the best thing to do in a simulated test. So it is also probable that most of my wrong answers in V went into those Qs which werent considered. That's lucky and there is no promise from lady luck that she would do the same to me on Tuesday :)

At the moment, 760 - Happy! Hope!!!
Now let us see what Sunday has in stores for me. And then it is Tuesday :)

I'm extremely hungry now :(
Gotta take my lunch. Ciao...


kart said...

My friend Praveen (alias ur pagalguy mate) scored 740 in GMAT...
He took the test 3 days before!!

Iday said...

740 is a really good score da...

Say a big congrats to him on my behalf.