Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The journey begins...

Time to put GMAT behind and get a move on!!!

Q: Move on??? Where to???
A: To the "Apping" process folkies...

Q: So soon???
A: Well, when it comes to Apping, no soon is so soon ;)

Q: Am I ready to work on the Apps???
A: I don't know. I guess i wont know even after I'd get done with Apping :)

If these stupid answers don't drive the point, I'm just trying to say "come what may, I'm beginning my application process".

So - 7 schools it will be. The 7 on the left side of the blog. I am taking 3 BIG risks, out of which Harvard is the Biggest, not by much distance from the others though. Do i have the so called Killer profiles to get into these much desired campuses - i don't know again :) But I'd rather make a damn good attempt at these schools and give myself a chance, rather than make statements like "You know, i just might have got into Wharton. If only had i applied".

Yeah it costs me more than US$600. And i might not even get interview calls from these schools coz of the fucking competitive profile group I'd fall into. But heck, it is definitely worth it. DEFINITELY. So - Mr.I goin for da kill :)

Jus completed my "Field Trip" - visiting the application pages of these schools. Some schools have put up info reg Fall 2007 applications, some still have the 2006 applications and, surprise surprise, Columbia has released the application packet. It really has begun.

Have downloaded the application PDF to get a feel. Need to start working on the essays - there are about 4 of them to write and one of them seems to be an absolute bomb shell :( But that's where the fun is ;) I'm sure I'm gonna have fun writing up these essays.

Just about the perfect time for an unexpected display of camaraderie - one of my team mates (well, Ex-team mate infact) mailed me greeting on my GMAT scores. We then had a small discussion reg applications et al. The he silently dropped in a mail saying he has 4 really good books abt Applications and Admission procedures of US B Schools and he'd be glad to lend whatever i want. Needless to say, I replied "Gimme all" :)

Spoke to my mentor and my manager reg the Recos. One of the biggest advantages of my team is that i now have these 2 ppl, whom i know at first name basis, and they're in a position to write my recos. This can be really good - i now learn :)

Okie - so this is how it all begins. It looks like things are falling into place. Hopefully, they shud all remain in place for the next few months.


inblue said...

Ok. I guess you'd already have ordered them But these are some must-haves and must-read before apping

How to get into the Top MBA Programs - Richard Mountak

The ABC of MBA admissions edge - Matt Symonds

Business Week - MBA Insider

The first is the Bible. A very nicely written book. Possibly it would give you a second thought on your school choices.

Iday said...

Well, he offered the following 4 books:

1. How To Get Into the Top MBA Programs
2. ABC of Getting the MBA Admissions Edge (US)
3. 88 Great MBA Application Tips and Strategies to Get You Into a Top Business School 2nd Edition
4. 65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays : With Analysis by the Staff of the Harbus (The Harvard Business School Newspaper)

I already roam around the MBA insider section of the BW site. So i guess i shud be pretty much okay.

If u have any other suggestions, plz lemme know. Thanks :)

inblue said...

Good the two essay books are on my list but am not going to get to them rite now.I beagan to read the Mountal and ABC something like a year ago and they've been a lot of help in understanding the schools and more so in helping me understand my own app profile.