Sunday, June 25, 2006

England and Portugal make it to the last 8

And how scrappy were both the games???
While the England Vs Ecuador game was so boring, the Portugal Vs Netherlands game was pretty interesting, but for the wrong reasons.

In the whole English camp i find one spirited person and he scored today. And this is the second time England scrape through to a win with David Beckham's goal. It was one of his trade mark curving, dipping free kicks today and with this seamless balls, it is only gonna be more difficult for the goal keeper. Apart from that single moment, there was nothing, plain nothing in the game. If England keeps playing so, it cannot think of the cup anymore. As Mr.Terry said "Improve or face DQ".

While spirit was found lacking in the prev game, it was over flowing in the second game. The game had less football and more chaos - a fact perfectly explained by the number of cards shown in the game. There were totally 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards. Harsha Bhogle, who was hosting the post game show commented "This is more like a game of rummy" :) Whatever it was - Portugal won.

But the cost it has paid might just be a bit too much. 2 players who wont play the next game coz of their red cards and the next 1 week might not be enough to get Ronaldo back on the turf. All this only means Advantage-England. Whoever wins that QF match, i don't think they'll win their next match which will be against the winner of the Argentina Vs Germany match.

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