Thursday, June 01, 2006

4 days to go...

I am kind of feeling free and light now :)

I have decided that enough is enough!!! The dance show is a great deviation from the test. And as the show nears, I am thinking more about the dance (a passion anyway) than the test itself. Takes the pressure off in a big, enjoyable way!!!

But knowing the ill effects of losing concentration and focus, I make sure I give GMAT its share everyday. Eventhough I have finished all the material, I worked with Kaplan 800 for sometime yesterday. As usual, started with the math and the 3 hrs I spent yesterday reaffirmed my belief that my math is pretty much intact. GMAT math - here I come :)

Today is the Kaplan 800 verbal day. My policy with verbal is like this at the moment - during the morning of the test, I will spend about an hour going through all the various theories out together in all these prep materials, will try to memorize the rules mentioned in the OG and run to the test center. During the test, have fun with AWA and math (and, ofcourse, make sure I score well too) and concentrate hard on the verbal section. I really do not think I can do anything different between today and the test day :)

As it is, target math score is 50 and target verbal score is 38. Going by present experiences, the 50 in math seems secure, unless I screw up badly in the test center, and I see ready fro a 35 or more score in verbal. From 35 to 38, I guess it is a difference of getting 3 or 4 more correct answers, which I am sure I can achieve. Anything more, I will take I gladly :)

And yeah - busy 5 days ahead :(
Friday - PowerPrep test 2 and dance practice
Saturday - Dance like there is no tomorrow :)
Sunday - GMATprep test 2 and minor preps here and there
Monday - some major preps and a test if I feel like taking one.
Tuesday - Refresh all math formulas and verbal rules and Kick Ass ;)

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