Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5 days to go...

I am like wondering what to do and what not to do. Jus finished ramping up all the AWA prep stuff from Kaplan and Princeton. Some cool stuff present in Princeton, Kaplan was jus the usual, but helpful anyway.

Now I've got 2 days to kill, where i go to work everyday and come back and have the night for preps. I cannot take full length tests during that time. I have finished all the material i planned to finish by this time. So what are the options left?!?!

1. I am planning to finish all the small sectional tests given by Kaplan and PowerPrep. I have finished the Quant sections (coz it was fun) in these softwares. Now the (boring) verbal remains. Nice time to finish stuff.
2. As i mentioned already, i am gonna try re-doing math section from Kaplan 800. Mission 50 jus needs some more fool proofing.

I read some stuff in Kaplan book abt the last week before the exam. The thing made me smile all the way :) Whatever was mentioned, eventhough exaggerated to a level, was pretty much true. So the solutions offered are being seriously considered by urs truly.

So yeah - 2 days to kill basically. I don't wanna take rest for 2 days, as I'm sure I'd lose all the tempo I've built up. Friday is PowerPrep 2. Saturday is baby's day out, or rather baby's day dancing. Sunday will be GMATprep 2 and something else.

Monday - i am planning to re-install GMATprep (which will give me a majority of new Qs) and give one test exactly under the same situations. Starting by 1:30 and all the rest to follow. Dry run basically.

Gonna sleep now. Later...

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