Sunday, May 28, 2006

7 days to go...

And i am seriously worried :(

I am doing consistently well in the Quants section. A bit rusty on Friday - but things are what they are now. I have taken 50 in all the 3 tests i wrote over the weekend. So - no worries. Jus gotta keep my cool, prevent over confidence, kill the anxiety to jump over to Verbal and do what i can.

But i am worried abt the verbal section. In all the tests i took, i see that i have improved my SC considerably. Even in the SC Qs i did in OG verbal review, i am doing a lot better than the old days. But i am worried about this new found development, or rather the opposite of it, in CR and RC.

RC, I'd say, is jus coz of me getting bored. I jus feel too sick to read those long passages. On the passages i concentrate, my hit rate is really really high. I only fail on those passages where i get disoriented. But this RC thingy is killin me. I dunno whether this has the same reasons. I am not able to pin point a single reason for this one. My hit rate in OG RCs were really good. I'm jus puzzled.

Apart from all this, i must also mention this. The Qs in both the Princeton and Kaplan tests are much more difficult than the ones i find in OG. I guess Princeton has got some major problems with the way it generates scores. I perform better than GMAT prep and score much worser - jus not logical. On the other hand, Kaplan seems to have got the scoring correct. But the Qs are definitely more difficult.

Scoring 50 with these difficult Qs gives me more confidence on Math. But i am not sure where i stand in the Verbal section.

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