Saturday, May 06, 2006

PowerPrep Test 1 - A disappointing 680

The split stands as M49 V34.
And I had done better than the GMATPrep test 1 :(

To start with, this s/w does not display the "out of count" Q's at all. And I think the GMATPrep counts all Qs and has a weird formula to give us the score. By law of percentages - I had done better here. Not that I can do anything abt it - just cribbing :)

What I cud have done - concentrated a bit more on the 3 stupid mistakes I did in math and 4 or 5 stupid ones in Verbal. Sometimes I over analyzed the verbal Qs and ended up with wrong answers - even when I initially selected the correct answer. I should get out of this practice.

BTW - I am done with the Math section of OG11. And I did that in 5 days!!! I'm planning to get done with Math by end of day tomorrow. Still have the Green Book (OG - Math book) to complete.

I'll then have some 4 weeks before the exam. 1 week will go for AWA etc and some chillin out. So 3 weeks of Verbal preps and I wanna set things straight.

What I know after these 2 tests
1. I can get an above 50 score in Math if I keep concentrating thru the exam. What happened today will enuf to remind me abt this on D-Day :)
2. I need a score around 40 in V and I have to work a lot for that. Presently, it seems that I am around the 35 mark. A diff of getting 3 or 4 Qs right I guess. I think it is possible. This is what I am gonna keep working at in the days to come.

By the time I give GMATPrep 2 and PowerPrep2 - I wud hopefully be in the M50, V40 range.
That's the mission for now!!!

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