Thursday, May 25, 2006

10 days to go...

And i am almost done with my preps.

I have the last few pages of the GMAT Verbal review to finish and that's it. I'm planning to spend some quality time prepping for the AWA section too - all of this must get finished by the coming Wednesday, hopefully.

Now is the time to give tests. I have 7 more of those useless Kaplan and Princeton tests, after which I'd do the all important PowerPrep 2 and GMATPrep 2 tests.

I'm planning to make a post everyday till the test, recording all the last minute happenings :)
So keep watching this space!!!

Then there is that promised update on the dance show too :)

Life just seems to be so happening these days - serious work for 8 hrs, dance show preps and GMAT preps. Looks like everything will come to an end by the second week of June :)

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