Thursday, May 18, 2006

Reservations - total crap!!!

I get sick when i hear someone speaking in support of the reservations.
I get real bad sick.

Hear this from me folks - any group that is supporting this reservation proposal put forth by Mr.Arjun Singh, is playing the game of the masses. Whatever other reasons they put forth - uplifting the backward castes, providing equal chances, the Backward class needs this; all that is rank bad bull shit!!! Nothing less!!!

Now let us get this clear. I am not one of those people who's chances of getting into one of the premier institutes is gonna be affected if the policy gets implemented. I'm rather one of those backward class people, who'd be helped by such a policy. But no thanks - I'd take the merit route anyway!!!

Whenever the caste based reservations thing keeps cropping up, i start to think "what only if the person who wrote the Indian Constitution was not someone who was from a backward caste and what only if he had not gone through all that agony in his childhood days". Well, i really respect Mr.Ambedkar. But i really think the situation would have been different had the author been different.

Well, the constitution did do a lot of practically good things for the, let me say, oppressed class. It made untouchability a crime (which our great politicians still cannot stop from happening) it abolished many of such oppressive activities, many such things. All that is fine, but this reservations thingy is a bit over the line.

Now to all those clowns preparing to lock horns with me, drop the frown and think!!! Coz that's what the politicians don't want us to do. I am not against reservations completely (though ideally i wudnt wanna have such stuff - but we don't live in an ideal world do we???). But i differ from the great Mr.Ambedkar in the answer to the big question "Who needs reservation???"

Let us consider this example of my good friend. He belongs to one of these backward classes. His dad was in a really really good position in a govt firm - and keeps going up the ladder coz of the reservation bullshit. There is no lack of money in his house, no lack of facilities, no external pressures or demands whatsoever. He gets into one of the best schools in the city, gets taught by some of the best teachers in the city, lives the better side of life since day 1 of his life. Let us say he scores decently enough in std.12th and the Engineering Entrance to score some 10000 rank (in an exam where around 50000 ppl appear) in the state.

Now because he is from a backward class, eventhough he has got the best in life always, he gets this unfair advantage. A 10000 rank, which wud get u a seat in one of the lesser known colleges in the state, is now equivalent to perhaps a seat in one of the top 5 institutes. Isn't this plain injustice to the lot of others???

I personally know of many poor brahmin families - with the family finding it difficult to meet ends for their everyday life. Naturally, the kid in the family is not gonna have a "fun" life. He struggles through this, scores as decently as our hero did, or perhaps even better. His 5000, or why, a 1000 rank is less compared to the position of the first person.

So back to Mr.Ambedkar. My point abt him is this - If we had a diff first Law Minister, or if Mr.Ambedkar was JUST able to keep his childhood experiences away from him, we would have had reservations based on the economic status of the person. Not by this stupid caste system, which is just dividing the country at the moment.

I'm not saying that the caste based system is not helping anyone!!! But the example above clearly shows that there is a big flaw in the logic behind this policy and so - it sucks!!! By the economy based system, we clearly define that these are the people who have had the lesser opportunity to get quality life or rather quality education opportunities.

Still better - get into the primary education system, and make changes there to accommodate economically unfortunate people. Bring out rules to say "All primary schools should take in so many poor people and provide them free education".

This policy of "Sorry i cud not help u learn stuff, but i will make up for that by covering ur inability and my impotency by guaranteeing u seats for higher education" is a Strip-the-country-and-cover-my-ass policy.

To hell with these politicians...

I can still put up with these clowns. But heck - isn't 50% just way TOO much?!?! Half the class comes in through the back door. Isn't there a serious problem there. Why wudnt they just agree that they dont have brains and listen to ppl who have them? Perhaps we should force them to build their houses using the engineered who through the reservations, they shud be treated by the doctors who got their seats coz of their castes and not their marks, they shud fill their portfolio with the MBA grads who had "reserved" seats. With all due respect - they do complete their courses, but there were/are better guys who wud make better engineers, doctors or managers. Anyday.

Why wudnt there be brain drain. Already we have a shortage of good quality graduate schools. Now of all the seats offered at these schools, the govt snatched half of them away through its really "farsighted" policies. The drain has just widened dear politicians.

And yeah - speak to the foreign countries to increase our quota of Visas too.


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