Saturday, May 27, 2006

9 days to go...

Status: 115 Qs in Verbal Review and 9 tests to go.

Planning to finish the 100 Qs today and give atleast 3 tests over the weekend.

These 100 Qs are important to me coz they are from my weakest portion, SC, and where i think i have improved pretty much and where i think i shud still improve. It is like I've moved from bad to good and I'm wanting to be better :)

BTW i have found the secret to my doing well in the verbal section. I tried that in the Verbal review and it is working well. I'd basically want to do the same in Quants as well - but I'm good there anyway. So on D-Day i will start with this new found strategy and run into full-steam mode if time gets short.

Oh yeah - the strategy is not any secret formula for doing well. It is about keeping my concentration levels high throughout the course of the test. It will be put to test during the 9 test i will be giving over the next 9 days :)

Okay then - me goin for lunch following which i sit through the 100 SC Qs.

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