Saturday, May 27, 2006

8 days to go...

I did what i wanted to today.

Gave the Kaplan first test and figured out that i jus get too pissed off to sit through the Verbal section. Made more than 15 mistakes - quite unexpected mistakes in the long untouched CR section and a few "that's not normal" mistakes in SC. Overall - verbal was dismal.

The scores yeah - 610, which by Kaplan standards is pretty decent. I haven't seen many ppl scoring beyond 650. But I'm not worried abt the overall scores. Kaplan scores are not reflective of the final scores. For the record - the sectional scores: Q 50, V 30. As is obvious - i lost it in Verbals.

Then i sat through 60 SCs from OG Verbal review and did pretty well. Ended up with 1 wrong answer for every 6 Qs - which is better than my target anyway :) This time tough - i had timed breaks and all, to made sure my concentration was there with me till the end. That is precisely what i shud be doing on D-day.

Looks like i have to revise some of the stuff i did in other sections - reason being my CR performance. Dunno whether this is a one off bad show - tomorrow's test will tell.

Anyway - at the back of my mind, there is this thought abt giving Kaplan 800 another shot. May be that's what I'll do during the coming weekdays - 1 section per day and i shud be through. Let's see how things shape up...

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