Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An easy chance for Italy to play in the WC Semis

Perhaps. I accept that Ukraine is not a push over, but against Italy??? I'll place all my money on Italy, atleast till they get the first Red Card ;)

For all these years I've been seeing football, i always see Italy in a very very competitive pool. And they throw in so much of emotion and energy and commitment into their game, that as a neutral observer (which i wasn't) you will have to support them. One of the matches which i can never forget in my life is the Euro 2000 Finals between France and Italy. Italy, reduced to 10 men around the 10th minute or so, played bravely for the next 110 minutes (i guess the golden goal rule was present in those days) and then lost the game in the penalties (Totti the culprit i guess). Maldini is one of my football heroes.

Back to the future, i now find Italy and Ukraine to have qualified for the QFs of WC 06 and i guess Italy has a great chance to win and play, probably Brazil, in the Semis. That'll be a diff story altogether - but i guess they shud be in the semis.

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