Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tomorrow is the day...

I'm surprisingly chilled now. May be this is what an overdose of pressure does to a person :)

I've slogged through more than 2 months of practice, practice and more practice.
I've given test after test after test during these days and followed them all with detailed analysis of my performances in each of these tests.
I've covered up around 2500 pages of material, or more than 2000 Questions during these practice routines.
Now is the time to put it all to work and reap rewards - hopefully.

I guess this is the time when the fear of failure sets in!!!
This is the time when Questions like "what if" sweeps through someone's mind!!!
I'm no different. Strangely, even though i am supremely confident of a good math show and a decent verbal show, i get this odd feeling of "What if things go bad tomorrow???", "What if i end up with a less than expected score???"

I know!!! I have to let them pass. May be it is because i have jus woken up from a good sleep and find it hard to kill more than a day of anticipation. May be it is because i am too eager to take up the test. May be because i jus wanna finish this stuff and I'm already looking forward to the fun of the application submission process. May be it is all of these put together :)

There is nothing like waiting for tomorrow :) But i have to do that today, and do that well.

I am planning to finish the stuff in Kaplan 800 today. All verbal, so that things will be fresh in my mind tomorrow. Will revise all Math formulas and Verbal rules today evening and that's it. I will also revisit the AWA fundas - but i know it is gonna be completely my own literature there. Once I'm done with all these, I'd get all my stuff for tomorrow ready and hit the bed. The boring India-WI match can go take a spin ;)

As i keep saying always, the real challenge for me tomorrow will be to sit through the exam. The time I'd spent in front of the computer becomes painfully obvious by the time i reach verbal - coz I'd be having fun during AWA and math. I'll have to dig through the last 75 minutes and stretch for the home run. Will do :)

I don't think I'll blog for the remaining of the day or tomorrow morning. So the next u'll hear from me will be about the score. Till then - have fun folks :)

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