Thursday, June 08, 2006

The day after GMAT

This post should really have come yesterday - but due to technical difficulties, the post got delayed by a day :)

Woke up on Wednesday and pinched myself, and pinched again. Me - 750!!! It felt so good, i cannot explain to you people. I quickly reminded to myself "this is just the beginning dude. Miles to go before you can relax". I said that a few more times, jus to register it into my system and moved to office.

Get into office and the day really starts. Since i dropped in the prev day - many of the people knew my score. My manager and my mentor already knew, and so did few of my colleagues. So i was having some extended discussion about how things move on from here, hinted abt recos to my manager and mentor and did all that stuff. Basically, i was boasting shamelessly - but there's nothing wrong in that ppl. It is all part of the deal ;)

Come to my inbox and there are mails from ppl all over the place. It seems that i underestimated the number of people who frequent my blog. The first wish yesterday came on the blog from Rajagopal. Many of my college friends had already caught me on the fone and wished me. And then, more friends sent their wishes through the blog, emails, sms's and fone calls. "Every dog has it's day" - me was thinking :)

I had really thought that all my class folks atleast visited my blog. Hence i dint send them any mail stating "I did this one good thing in life". Sorry if some of u folks dint get to know the info. Some of the guys were sweet enough to mail me and ask, when it shud have been me informing them. So got some delayed "wow"s from these ppl as well.

The icing on the cake really was this post made in our group blog and the responses i got from some of my friends. It felt really great to receive all that appreciation from these ppl. Thanks again folks, for all that. And special thanks to Karthik who kept greeting me wherever he got a chance :)

Thanks a million to all u folks. Hope i put up similar shows in the applications and the interviews and get into that damned dream school. Then i can blog from across the globe :)

Again i remind myself - "this is just the beginning dude. Miles to go before you can relax"...

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