Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The weirdo Quotient!!!

I was tagged by prad. So I'm supposed to write 6 weird things about me. I dunno how weird i really am. May be I'll know when i get to the end of this list :)

1. I cannot throw away anything i use, even the waste ones. The CDs and DVDs that i burnt wrongly are sprayed all over my reading table, sometimes used to cover water glasses. I still have my old mobile SIM cards (3 of them), heck - i have the welcome packages these guys give. My first card was a prepaid and i have all the recharge vouchers. The list will keep growing on and on i guess :) I dunno why, but even though there is absolutely no use to them, i cannot throw them away. It always needs a "clean sweep" operation by my mom to force me to throw away such stuff :)

2. I remember dates - birthdays, anniversaries, when my friend wore the black dress the prev time, when we had our prev team meeting - i just remember dates. Pretty normal??? I don't remember what happened on the date ;)

3. I get hungry by 12 in the night. Whatever i had had for dinner, i feel hungry right at the stroke of midnight and i start hunting all over my house for something to eat.

4. I like shopping, and i can say that again, and again. I can say many examples for this, but this one wud be on top of the list - i shop when i am bored, when i have nothing to do :) I just love to spend time in showrooms analyzing one item in display with another, making a choice, and finally flipping one of my cards to pay for it in style :) If there is one word to say how i feel - i ENJOY shopping. And it is not like i throw away money, i handle my money very well. But it is impossible to keep me away from shopping for few months continuously :)

5. I am very fond of giving gyan - both about things i know and things i don't know. I always feel like the big bro when someone starts asking the right questions and NO - i don't act like one. And when i have ppl asking questions to me, i really go out of my way to gather info and get them stuff. This - i do for everyone, even if i know the person for a mere 3 minutes.

6. I can strike a rapport with someone in just a few minutes. But the weird thing is that i can do that with small sweet kids. Kids just love me - even a kid whom I'm seeing for the first time in a bus :) I am an instant hit with kids - and it is good for me too coz i just love to be with kids. But i find it weird when a small cute girl, (who'd hardly be 4 or 5) whom I've never ever seen, smiling and playing to be with me inside a public bus - believe me, it happened :) And many similar things happened as well. Weird really :)

I dunno how weird the list is - i just typed down all that came to my mind first. I am supposed to pass the band to some others i guess. But wicked pradip has included all the bloggers who visit my blog in his list :( I know others, but they are all busy at the moment and i don't guess they'll have anything other than GMAT to write in their blogs :)

So - I leave that open to all the readers of my blog. If u r interested, u can take it on and let the world know how weird u really are ;)


Saravanan said...

Mr.I. Somehow you revelaed the reason why you put up weight after the college.
And about your karisma..you are really a rocking dude and i know that you are the cupid of our class.

scipio said...

Good list da machan...

Iday said...

@Saravanan - why i put up weight after college is not anything cloe to weird da :) It is just a classic case of the equation between supply and consumption going bad ;) In my case it was increase in supply and drop in consumption.

Rocking dude??? Karisma??? Cupid of the class??? ROFLAMO ;)

@prad - thanks man...

erasmus-in-india said...

Tks! I feel a lot more normal now ;o)

Iday said...

hey Elise,
Why dont u make a similar post and by the end of it u'd know how normal u really are ;)

btw - i visited ur blog. figured out ur trip to IIMB and ur wilingness to come back to india. really cudnt make up where u r at present and what happened to ur visit plans!!!

so - what happened???