Friday, June 02, 2006

3 days to go...

I am on leave from today...
The thought of no office for the next 5 days is salivating, to say the least!!!

Spent some time with Kaplan 800 math in the night and woke up only now :D It is total bliss to wake up at 11:00 and see that there is no office going bull shit to be done.

Okie - to the plans for the day. Today i must take PowerPrep test 2. Will probably start by 12:00 noon, trying to keep it as close to 1:30 as possible. Will post the results in the evening for the world to see.

Since i was feeling very sleepy yesterday, i dint do the Kaplan 800 verbal section. So, once i am done with PowerPrep test 2, i will work on that.

Then there is the dance practice by 7 PM. Today is the last day before the show. We had kind of frozen all steps. We had to compromise on a lot of steps, coz few of the folks weren't comfortable doing them. While the deleted steps wud have been cool, we cant do anything but move on and do the best with what is possible :) I will do the company dance (the one done by the tutors and permanent dancers of Swingers) next year and console myself for all the steps i cud not do today ;)

Okie - time for breakfast. Then the test and then the post...
Till then - keep waiting :)

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