Saturday, June 03, 2006

2 days to go...

Today was "footloose" :)
That was the name of the song I've been hearing for the past 3 weeks and performed at the Swingers Summer show tonight.

First things first, no touching books today. Worked on Kaplan 800 last night and will work on the same again tonight before sleeping. Simply to keep in touch with something related to GMAT. Tomorrow will be GMATPrep test 2. Then will finish all the remaining portions of Kaplan 800, refresh all Math formulas and Verbal rules - I'll be set.

Now to the show. We had rehearsals in the morning and it turned out to be one big scene. The rehearsals, as such, started way later than they were scheduled - for god-knows-what reasons. We were asked to assemble @ Music Academy by 9 and the practice runs started only by around 10:30.

Things were going on smoothly and we were all getting free shows of the dances for which ppl were gonna pay 250 or 350 bucks later in the day. When our turn came, something happened - which really shudnt have happened. The trouble maker was this guy, who co-ordinates and choreos in the other branch of Swingers, who was on the Music player.

We had some ppl missing. Many infact. Our choreographer was supposed to dance with us in the show and she dint dance in the dry run. One of the girls had her semester exam in the morning. One of the guys, who dint know the steps by then, was not confident and so he dint come up to stage.

Irene (of whom u guys shud be familiar by now) wanted him to come up on stage and we were waiting for him. It would have hardly been 2 or 3 minutes before someone had searched him and found out that he had infact left the place.

Now this guy from the other branch was asking all kind of Questions like "Is that all???", "Only 3 formations???", "Is this how they start???" - about a dance he hardly even knew. No - don't get me wrong. He is a good dancer (reason why he teaches and we learn), but he has no knowledge about the one Irene had choreographed, and that said, it is beyond comprehension as to why he must be so technically bothered about the dance.

And yeah, by the time we were waiting for the missing dancer guy, this guy, in a bid to act too smart, said something like "We cannot keep waiting for one single person. We will move on to the next dance" and all. Irene was pissed, with reason...

Then there was major drama - we did the dance immediately, Irene spoke to Prasanna and got us another round, we called the missing dancer in and did do a dry run with him around. Irene was happy, so were we - for her :) We felt bad to have embarrassed her in front of her contemporaries, coz of one of us.

The show was kick-ass. The only bad point, from my side, about the show was that we the performers were asked to assemble by 4 PM for a 7PM show and even after our dances were over, we were not allowed to leave till 10, when the show ended. Having said that, it did give us some great time to socialize among ourselves, which we really haven't done all these days :)

I dint take any pix, but there are many who did. Will post them up once i get hold of them. The official Swingers video and fotos will come. I guess the show's getting displayed in SS Music sometime, dunno when. Will post the time if i get to know...

If there has been any day when I've said "I'm dead tired", it is today. Gonna sleep now and will get back to u folks after my GMATPrep test 2, with the scores.

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