Saturday, July 01, 2006

The 2 teams that made into the Semi Finals

Germany beat Argentina (a fact which wud hurt my friend scipio) in the first of the Quarter finals. In the second semi finals, Italy beat Ukraine so so easily. But what I'm gonna discuss here is about the way they did it.

On paper - Argentina is the better team. Technically, Argentina is more equipped. They have got loads of talented players and no one was having a lean patch - no one was playing like Frank Lampard of England. So why did they lose??? They lost it in the mind. I cud not see the entire match - but i cannot comprehend why the team that took the lead in the 49th minute cud not score one more in the next 70 minutes?!?! It is not like they don't have the striking force or the creative midfield to do that. And in the Penalty shoot outs - they were so tensed. None of them looked like they're gonna score. Heck - they lost. The good thing out of the match is that Germany are not the May-Be's still. Their confidence will be sky high now. And they must be looking at the Cup now. They will play with more self belief in the next 2 matches and it must be interesting to see.

And in the other match - Italy was refreshingly active. In all these I've seen football, i have never seen a match where Italy attacked. They were this tough to crack great wall of Italy and all their goals came in counter attacks. Yesterday was different. There was so much creative foot ball to see. Dribbles, Lobs, Chips, Loops, Successive back heels - daring, creative, attacking football. Italy wasn't really high on self belief as well. But after this performance they must be feeling good.

Well - 2 teams into the semi finals with their morale in good condition. Today will show us the other 2 teams who're gonna meet them. Today's matches are themselves gonna be great. It is sad to think that 5 matches later - this world cup is gone :(

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