Friday, July 28, 2006

What's happening and what's not

The happening...
  1. I started working on the essays. I love them for the thought process. The past few days have been self retrospection all the way. I hate them for the constraints. But i guess that is what makes them look so good in the end.
  2. I am registering for events. Even MBA fairs. Dunno how many i would attend really, but I'm just making myself available in all possible places where i can get some info reg these schools.
  3. I've made a big plan and am glad to say I'm getting help from a lot of places. I am now confident that things will fall into place.
  4. Work is going on smoothly. I badly want to finish this project and get out. Cant help it with a document being in review for close to 6 months now!!!

The not...
  1. I'm not moving as fast as I'd like to go. I have 2.5 essays ready after a weeks work. I have 8 more weeks to go and at this pace, i would only finish something like 25 essays. Gotta move on faster.
  2. My writing skills are gone. Just getting back into some decent shape. 3 years of technical writing had screwed up whatever little English i know.
  3. I'm again into the AWOL mode. Haven't caught up with any of my buddies. Everyone reading this, mercy mercy...

I have recently discovered that running around doing both work and applications is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs to do on earth. The next 6 months of my life are gonna be spent this way. At the end of it, i guess I'd be 5 yrs older and hopefully wiser :)

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