Friday, July 21, 2006

That makes it ALL.

Yes - Kellogg has released it's essays as well as the deadlines. Looks like October is gonna be one heck of a month. All the schools, apart from Columbia, have their R1 deadlines in October - between the 11th and the 20th. 5 schools!!! Gosh.

Meanwhile, I have been doing some good work. Things seem to be falling in place, atleast for the moment. My college senior (who was my first lead) took over the ownership of the project i am handling. He was at the client's place for the past 18 months and the person who was responsible for the project till date is on the flight to US.

This is a great development for me. I am very very comfortable with my senior. There is suddenly so much order in the things out there. And i simply left all the "going around and convincing ppl" stuff to him. This is one thing i hated to do - to go about proving the same point again and again to all the people out there. I was wrong at times, but this is just plain depressing. It sucks to see all ur work being taken with a non-approving smile all the time. I had to put up with it with a plain smile on my face - not anymore.

Then i met this girl thru our blogs. We share the same list of schools and we've been speaking since Sunday abt apps and various other things. We're hoping we can work together on our essays - each of us trying to provide feedback and comment on the other person's essays. She's already too good, so i dunno how useful I'm gonna be :) But it is a big help for me!!! We have some plans. Hope we can execute them to our liking. Running the app marathon all alone would have been too boring. Now i know i have some company!!!

So yeah - less crap (more work though) at work and some order in the app front as well. Isn't everything falling into place. Not yet!!! I haven't done a bit towards writing an essay!!! Planning to prepare some drafts this weekend. Hope it turns out to be a productive weekend.

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