Saturday, July 22, 2006

This is too cool...

I figured this out with the MS Office 2007 today. May be this existed in the earlier versions of office too, but this is news to me.

So yeah - what am i rambling about???
I can publish posts directly from MS Office.

This is just too cool, me thinks. I don't even need to open the blogger tool. I don't even need to open my browser. Just type stuff, hit a button and i am done. I like this.

Infact, i had published this post that way!!!

BTW - did i say that the more i's using MS Office 2007, the more I'm liking it. It is visually too good. For me, that appeal is really important. It is hogging memory for sure, but applications cant be light and good looking at the same time i guess :) I dunno - I'm not an expert here. I'll take the Office 2007, however heavy it is.


scipio said...

but applications cant be light and good looking at the same time i guess

Good looking is one thing but usability is much more important... A light weight OK looking app. with great usability will win hands down against a better looking one

Iday said...

man - isnt usability is a basic expectation. i know what u r saying - there apps which lose usability for want of gizmo front end visuals!!!

but lets just forget them and speak abt those apps in which usability is a given.

now that we've spoken about usability - MS Office 2007 gets a A+ on that :) If you thought Office 2003 was good, try this. This is just one big monster though.

Also i figured out that there is a new document format called the docx. i guess it uses xml etc. so if i create a doc in 2007, u wont be able to see it with older versions or word!!! that's a pain, but the new format document is atleats 40% smaller on the disk :o

Ramkumar said...

who cares if appln. is larger.
all the processor speed and cheap memory needs something to eat it up and show they are gr8.
There shud always b a healthy competition b/n supply & demand.

johnyCAGE said...

hi Iday,
does it come with frontpage too? i had office2003 & it was not there:-( so currently i m using o2000.
Google has sp s/w for word-bloggers... same u r talking.
do visit my blog-

Iday said...

i'm not sure abt Office 2003. I use it at work - will check it out there. Office 2007 does have the frontpage s/w, but in a different name. It is called MS Publisher. I havent tried it.