Saturday, July 29, 2006

Full Steam

There is a particular kind of pleasure in pushing yourself to the brink and making yourself to do things which you think are impossible. I am in one such runs now and i know for sure that if i don't push myself, i cannot even complete the race.

When i decided that i will apply to 5 schools in Round 1, i was not aware of the daunting task in front of me. I took a break from MBA apps after GMAT and i lost it somewhere. I dint do anything for more than a month. When i started it all again, i just could not get back to full speed.

The wise people often say that a bit of shock is always useful. When i sat down to prepare the tracking sheet for the essays i had to submit, i was startled. I had 37 essays to finish. I had 60 days to work, for i have decided that September end it will all end. It looked like a long distance sprint, rather than a marathon.

It was one of those "rude shocks" ppl keep saying. I woke up, started to work on my essays as seriously as possible and hit on a new problem. My writing was screwed up. I never had issues with content and my writing was not the most creative literature you would find. But i thought i can create effective write-ups.

My first essay sucked. I wrote it, got it reviewed and was satisfied with it till i found the essay of someone. Another rude shock!!! I have been having a no sleep life for the past one week. I go to office by 8, slog like hell with all that work, try to come back by 6 and come back by 8 or 9, and work on my essays till 2 or 3 in the night. The whole week had been like this.

I have finished 4 HBS essays. I am planning to finish some more essays tomorrow. I can even work on the essays from other schools. And the bigger thing is that the writing is back :) I like the last three essays which i have created. They are yet to be reviewed by anyone, but i like them already. I am sure that they will only become better after the reviews.

So yeah, that's the status as of now. I hope i can finish HBS essays by Wednesday. I am in a dilemma between Chicago and Stanford as to which one i shud start next. This i will decide after i finish HBS.

Time to go get some sleep now.

Take care folks...

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