Sunday, July 09, 2006

Azzurries - World Champs!!!

An initial burst of about 20 minutes in which each team scored a goal a piece, then some boring football for the remaining 100 minutes - with few sparse moments of individual brilliance, collective team effort, imaginative attacks, astute defense and the biggest of all, one moment of absolute stupidity. 120 minutes and 10 kicks away - Fabio Cannavaro stood atop that make shift pavement with the FIFA World cup in his hands.

As everyone else would agree - they are the worthy winners, going by both today's game and their performance throughout the cup. They have been the only consistent performer in this year's edition and have conceded as less as only 2 goals in all of the games they have played in this competition. They have scored in every match they have played in WC 2006.

Well, Italy will be world champions for the next 4 years and they seem to have a good team to do consistently well as well. But you never know - things might really get bad after these guys return home and the investigation on the allegations of match fixing begins. For the moment, i cant stop smiling :)

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