Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Mumbai misfortune

One more dastardly act from these cowardly specimens of the human race, the ppl who are called Terrorists. What do they gain anything out of killing ordinary people who use trains for their everyday travel from office to home and back. Simple people these are, many of whom might have been the sole breadwinners of their families. My heart reaches out to those who passed away in the 7 blasts that rocked the city today evening. Let their souls rest in peace.

As would happen with any terrorist act, there is a strong anticurrent against Muslims following the serial blasts. This is not without reason i should agree, coz most of the trouble maker outfits which orchestrate such acts are run by Muslim ppl and they spread this concept of Jihad (holy war). Following any bomb blast or something else, as if they are proud of it, someone stakes claim. I don't think anyone has done that with these blasts as yet. But still ppl are saying things. The following few days will throw some light on the issue.

Well, as a Muslim myself, i am ashamed of what these outfits do. This is definitely not Jihad. This is not the holy war the Quran defines. These are individual people fighting for their own reasons, with bunch of brainwashed kids. I only hope that nothing breaks out following this. If something like that happens it is not the extreme outfits that get affected, it is the common man who loses his relatives, wealth or in worst case his life. The social misfits and their so called "leaders" continue their life planning the next opportunity to cause a similar attack - but the damage caused to normal citizens in irreversible. Let there be peace. Please...

Well, if any of you happen to have someone in Mumbai and are running around for any kind of info, try this blog. This blog is a wonderful initiative and i was terribly moved by their gesture. Hope you get what you're searching for and hope whoever you were looking for is doing fine and safe.

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