Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rain Rain Come again...

Today it rained in Chennai. It is still raining in Chennai.
You might be wondering - "Now, what's so special in rains?!?!"

First of all, it is supposed to be summer here in Chennai. People do expect rains in summer - but they are kind of unpredictable. It was so hot some 2 days back and why, even yesterday and today morning it was all dull and sober. Tonight - it rained.

Second, and the more important thing, is that i happened to drive back from office to home when the rain happened. I am one of these rain lovers. I love getting drenched in rain, there is something really good about it. I feel as if i am someone (or something) above every earthly stuff, i feel as if i was existing somewhere else - out of this world. In short - i just cannot express how good i feel.

I have spent long durations in the rain. Extremely long durations, just for the love of it. My personal record would be something like 2 hours. This happened when i was in my undergrad college. The last one hour i was simply shivering to my bones, but i could not pull myself into the hostel. I just walked all around the college, enjoying my life within life with the rain drops. I love you rain, i love you so much.

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