Monday, July 10, 2006

Back to work

I wanted a big break from all this MBA thingy once i was done with my GMAT. For the last 1 month plus a few days, i tried hard to keep myself away from it. But i guess things don't really happen the way u want to. Just like i hate to go to work and still can slog for more than 10 hrs every day at work, i don't want to remember anything about MBA applications et al but i keep thinking about is always. This is one thing i cannot shake out of my head and i guess these days, i don't have space for anything else in my head :)

Inspite of my wanting to keep away from MBA stuff, i have been doing many things directly related to MBA applications. I have been religiously checking the admission pages of all the school I'm planning to apply in R1. At the time this post is being written, 4 out of the 6 have come out with their application essays and deadlines. So as the title suggests, back to work :)

I have been reading a lot in this regard as well. I have covered almost half of this book "ABC of Getting the MBA Admission Edge" written (or rather composed) by Alan Mendonca and Matt Symonds. It is an old book, which only had statistics and data from almost 5 yrs ago. But i doubt whether i would find all that info, compiled and presented so well, in any other place. I am getting some really important info from the book - which i wud have definitely not known otherwise. The really big plus from this book is that it has the usual and the unusual info about the top schools and that makes comparison very simple. We can always check the latest statistics from the school sites or places like BizWeek. There is one more book i have in my possession, "How to get into the Top MBA Programs" written by Richard Montauk, which I'm really eager to start reading. A mere mention of the book has brought out so much positive remarks - I'm looking forward to it.

As with GMAT preps, i am planning to go about preps in an organized planned manner. Starting from now, i have atleast 3 months to work on all these essays and applications and i plan to start working from now. The one month break has helped me refresh myself (something i really really wanted after the stressful experience of GMAT) and now i want to do this more than ever. I am working out a plan and should finalize on it by this weekend. Will finish these 2 books and the 2 other MBA admission books i have by the end of this month - by then i wud have more insight into the process than i have now. I plan to gather info reg schools and also to work AdHoc on my essays - jotting down a point here and then as and when i figure out something. Hopefully i will have sorted out a grand strategy for the application process as such and i also hope that i will have figured out my responses to all the essays. Then using this rough draft and pool of info, i plan to work on the essays and the applications for the next 2 months.

By the first week of October - i must be done with all the applications. Let us see whether i can put up a show similar to what i did with GMAT :) You guys be prepared to hear more and more of my ranting about the application process ;)


inblue said...

My personal opinion is that you would have read the Mountak first. Its far too good compared to ABC. For an organised fello like you, Mountak will be a joy ride. Its well written. I will still say that read that book and you will have a million other thoughts.

Iday said...

//For an organised fello like u...
Cant hide my grin on that :D
yeah - i do remember the OCOD thingy :)

I thought i'd save the best for the last. I agree that ABCD is simply like reading a movie review. They mostly have opinions of individuals about schools etc. Pretty useful though. I've read about chicago, Columbia and Harvard as of now - and i already know a lot of things i dint know earlier.

I thought reading up the less famous stuff first will help me find out the new stuff in Montauk easily :) will let u know my impressions abt Montauk once i start it. Hoping to start on it by this weekend, as i only have the reviews of 3 or 4 more schools to finish this book.

Ramkumar said...

will those books include info abt how to select a b-school?

inblue said...

yeah Mountak has a comprehensive understanding of various school parametters like, teaching methods, environments, standard curriculum thingies.. read that and do some soul searching and u'll know what school fits you best.
Just for example Darden and and Harvards are case-study only. Chicago as i discovered is too much lectures Sloan is a lot of Quant. Wharton is too competitive. Stanford ( afaik) does not grade students.It doesnt encourage competition. Stanford is about networking.

now that was like 4 cents. time to shut up.

Iday said...

Hey inblue - who wants u to shut up when we get cents for free ;) u can go on and on...

yeah Ram, as inblue mentioned, there are loads of things these books wud tell us - things which we'd either overlook or we'd not bother to look around for. I have read abt 3 schools as of now and i have learned a lot. Sometime this week, I am planning to post my views abt the schools i'm planning to apply.

The books dont define a "How to select ur school in 7 days" methodology. They give u lot of facts and factirs abt schools. Once u read all that, u'd know where u fit in and where u wont.

Jeez - i can feel myself quiver with excitement when i speak about all this. How badly i missed the fun for the past 4 or 5 weeks?!?!! It's great to be back :)