Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What a crappy game!?!?

If yesterday was a top notch game, today's game was no where close to it. Both the teams were far below par and had they been in diff groups, we cud very well have had a Italy Vs Germany Final. Crappy doesn't even begin to explain the show we had to view today. Duh!!!

Portugal was pathetic. Throughout the game they had one striker in front - either Pauletta or Ronaldo. This continued even after they went one goal down, when they shud supposedly be attacking. They weren't creative, dint attack well, mid field play wasn't working - what a bad match. As if all this is not enough, they painted this pathetic image on themselves with all those divings et al. The luck of one man, goal keeper Ricardo, carried them forward to the WC Semi Finals. They just ran out of luck today. Bye Bye!!!

France was average at best. Zidane was okay, perhaps Portugal dint motivate him as Brazil did. Thuram's defense was really good. A Henry fake dive got them the spot kick, which was wonderfully converted by Zizou. France are through. I dont think this will take them anywhere in the finals. And considering Italy's defensive prowess and it's new found attacking fluency - the French have a tough match in hand.

So - Italy and France will fight it out for the Cup. My money is on Italy. And i can bet with a bit more confidence as all the teams i predict to win have been winning, after the QF debacle i had :)


scipio said...

Believe it or not.
I have been backing the Azzuri all the while. My teammates here the proof. The Argentinians we good but they had to bow out. I hope Italy wins... coz that will make me a soccer oracle here :)

Ramkumar said...

i see a similarity in worldcups.
In 2002, there was a turmoil in brazil regarding the functioning of football organizations there. There were corruption, misorganisation etc. Even some veteran footballer openly commented that he hoped for an early exit for brazil so that everybody wud look into these malfunctions. But brazil performed strongly.
In the same way, there have been allegations in italy and the corruption has showed its ugly face just before the world cup. Many players in the present side were questioned and the enquiry is not over. Now, italy has performed strongly. Going by this, i say that i am sure italy would win.
I never thought france had performed outstandingly. This worldcup is not for Brazil. They had go at some stage. Inspite of this i always backed brazil in a hope that they will show all those skills which make football a beautiful game. They never did.

Iday said...

I can related to Ram's views abt Brazil. Their "pure" fotoball will sure be missed. But now that they've gone, i've fallen back to my old time love - Italy. This is a team that revelles in defence, but always were poor in attack. Now they have a decent attacking line up as well, that guy Toni just broke a 2 or 3 decade old goal scoring record in Seria-A. Totti, inspite of not having performed well till now, is a decent player.

I'd love Italy to win. In all of the WC, France had 1 inspired game against Brazil. Apart from that, they havent played the best of football. Italy, slowly but steadily, have developed into a wonderful team.