Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Frequent blogging and the 3 month plan

The next 3 months promise to be really exciting. Reason - i am starting my journey towards MBA apping by this weekend. Ever since i had started the journey in late February, when i had began gathering info reg GMAT and MBA courses as such, i was living in a world totally oblivious to something called "socializing" that by the time i was done with GMAT every other person i knew was like "Long time no see" :)

So i had so much to catch up with these ppl and working more than 50 hrs a week doesn't help matters anyway. So i had to spend the past few weekends with all the following stuff:
  • Bidding farewell to friend who had joined B schools in India.
  • Meeting a friend who had come back to India after a 3 month onsite trip in US.
  • Visiting houses of relatives and spending some quality time with those sweet little cousin sisters i have and also the kids of my elder cousin sister. Spending time with kids is a mind blowing experience. It is out of this world really :)
  • Meeting up with friends who had remembered to remember me inspite of me going AWOL :)
  • Catching up with all those movies i had wanted to see, but pushed myself out of seeing.
  • Spending time watching my biggest crush - football and writing so much about it.
  • Covering up some lost ground at office. I hadn't slipped much, no one complained, but i knew i had changed priorities atleast for the last 2 weeks or so. And the new responsibilities are so demanding that i needed time to settle in. We still haven't settled in, but we know where the team is going. Some rocky roads ahead for sure.
On the whole, the past 1 month has been really a relaxing experience. I spent some time in touch with MBA also, speaking and listening to ppl reg what the next step should be, how to go about the applying ordeal. inblue recommended a few good books to read before proceeding and as luck would have it, one of my colleagues offered to lend the books to me. I have a huge array of books stacked in my desk. At this moment, believe it or not, i have 14 books to be read, of which i am half way through 3. This is apart from the 3 books on Marketing, Finance and Economics books i got from a friend who's just got into his 2nd yr of MBA. Quite a big load i agree :)

I plan to finish 2 of the 3 MBA books i have by this weekend. The other book can wait coz it is a all out Essay Writing book. I have just bought a set of "5 subject Note Book", in which i plan to make points reg all the schools i am gonna apply in R1. I need something like this coz points for essays and application strategies come to my mind out of the blue. It is like i feed these topics to my mind and run the process on the background. I totally forget about it and then, i have a brainwave!!! Eureka and the crux of an essay is ready. I need these note books for me to record all these brain waves and use all of them. I tend to forget some of these stuff if i don't take notes.

Just like i used my blog to speak aloud about everything around my GMAT preps, i am gonna speak aloud everything about my MBA application journey in my blog. And since i have started working on the applications already, I guess that I'll be blogging pretty frequently from now on. The first in this regard will be a summary of the stuff I've known about my schools as of now. This will be put up by this weekend hopefully.


inblue said...

humm 5 subject notebook :
how about google notebook and google spreadsheets..

Data access every minute, every where. you only need to be wired. Besides the google notebook plugin for IE saves you time to type. Just select from a webpage and send it to your google notebook.

Iday said...

This one is cool. Will use the notebooks anyway - they're for a dif purpose. But this google stuff will be really helpful when we fly from page to page gathering info and wont know where to note what :)

I'm more comfortable with firefox for browsing the net and Google has a plugin for Firefox too. They had to, with all their Kill Bill bankign and all :P

Thanks for the pointer lady :D

inblue said...

This is e-age Dude !

Iday said...

Yeah right :)

You reminded me how long it has been since i paid a visit to Google Labs. This product is cool. I am already figuring out ways to use this. One that i found now is that i can collect all my data on it and one fine day, i can make it public for ppl to refer to :D It will be a treasure pot!!!

another use is that i can make notes as and when i fly and sit back some time and organise all the stuff one shot. I had heard about the spread sheet, i missed this one. One more really useful tool from the G-stable.

Big thanks again :D