Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kellogg Part 1 - Submitted

I was only waiting for my TOEFL scores to come. Once i "heard" my scores yesterday, I included those scores, filled up all other information and hit the Submit button. I must agree one thing here - the Kellogg application is the most succint of all that i have filled up till now. After filling up marathon applications for Harvard and Wharton, this is was so cool. Actually Part 2 has nothing but the essays. So i am all set to submit my Kellogg application now - once i finalize my essays.

The status with Chicago is quite the opposite. My essays are done. I have to fill in the online apps, which i am gonna do now. There is a change in plan, i am planning to apply four schools by Monday. I am planning to submit Chicago and Kellogg by tomorrow night. Wharton and HBS will be submitted by Monday night. That's the plan as of now. Let's see how it goes.

On the Reco front - my mentor has submitted HBS and Wharton recos and my lead has also submitted his reco. My manager has his HBS reco ready and he must submit it over the weekend i guess. His Wharton reco must also get submitted sometime next week. So some progress there too.

Gosh - It feels so very good to be on time!!!


Hobbes said...

Not bad man!!! Gr8 job! So how does it feel to click on the submit button? :p

Iday said...

oh - dont ask.
it is such a good feeling :)