Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Essay rewriting

Today marks the official beginning of my essay rewriting and application submission lap. I have been running this marathon race over the past 6 or 7 weeks now and i am in a position where i have to finish the following work in the next few weeks. Well, quite a lot. Now lemme see where i am in each of them.

Make my recommenders submit their recommendations

All my recommenders have started working on their recos, apart from my friend who's doing the peer reco. I will speak to her and make her submit the reco this weekend. My 3rd recommender My mentor is a no-issue guy. So he'll finish his recos in time. I need not ping him that often. My manager is the biggest pain - he has loads of work to handle. I am not even able to meet him in his seat as he's in one conference room or the other. Should push him.

finalize my resume

This i have finished to around 75%. I have a one-page resume ready. Must check with schools and create school specific resumes and also verify if there are school specific templates to use.

Fill in online applications

This is like 25% done. I have filled in all basic info. Should fill in information in all places where i had to provide descriptive answers. I am planning to spend the weekends for this job.

Finish essays and upload them

All essays have first drafts. I have worked on one essay from Chicago and Kellogg. I just finished finalizing two essays of Wharton. Will finish the remaining Wharton essays tomorrow. There is a plan to work on the essays in an organized way over the next one month. Hope it works out well. Planning to upload essays by around 1 week before the deadline of each school so that i don't have to fight with other applicants for net-space :)

Pay the fees and submit applications

Hope i can reach this stage ASAP. This will be done once i am done with the essay uploading and online app filling work. I am applying the Deadline-minus-one-week timeline for this process too.

Looks like i have a decent plan to tackle the work load over the next one month. Work is kind of cool at office - so i should be able to get to home pretty soon everyday and give quality time for the essays. From here on, it all depends upon how i execute this plan. Hope things remain as smooth as they have been all this time...


-tvu said...

WOW! That's a long list of important items. Good Luck!

Iday said...

thanks tvu :)
Same to u too :D