Thursday, September 21, 2006

The last lap officially begins

Now that i am done with my TOEFL, i am back to writing my essays. Not writing brand new ones, but going through the painful job of reviewing and modifying the essays to a state at which they satisfy me. Then i will send them out to my reviewers to try satisfy them. Once this is done, they get uploaded and voila!

As i mentioned earlier, i am following a strict schedule I've agreed to follow. I just finished finalizing my Wharton essays and at this moment, i think i like them. It is upto my reviewers to show my mistakes now. I have started working on the Harvard essays next and this is when someone pointed out the stuff i cud mention in their online application. So now i have to modify my essays to not do this repetition business. This means i have to change most of my essays and this is actually a boon coz i was just beginning to worry at this stage about the lack of space to introduce new stuff in my essays. Now i can do this conveniently.

A really busy weekend begins today evening. I have to finish filling up online applications of HBS and Wharton, work on some recommendations, get my resume ready and also review some essays. Come what may, i have to make sure that i have ticked every item on my To-Do list when i check it on Monday morning. As the last lap begins, there is just so much work to be done.


asiangalmba said...

It's exciting really, putting everything together with a sense of self-satisfaction that you've done a good job at it. Will you finish 5 applications by October?

Iday said...

Yeah - it is exciting. I totally agree :)

I am done with all the first drafts. All that i have to do is to finalize them and finish the online apps. So - i will finish them for sure :) Well within deadlines.

Anonymous said...

Hey Iday,

Why did you take the TOEFL? I am certain you had your education in English. The schools I've been looking at (Ross, Fuqua so far) don't require TOEFL if your medium of instruction has been English.

Iday said...

Kellogg requires me to take TOEFL :(
They dont waive it for Indians.