Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chicago essays complete

Everything from now on will speak about my weekend targets and how far i have traveled. Since i have been writing application essays for well over 2 months now, i need to quantify everything :)

  • Wharton - 95% (as i still want to visit them one final time before i submit)
  • Harvard - 90% (as there is one essay to finalized and the final revisit policy applies here as well)
  • Chicago - 75% (Now here is news that just came in. I have finished all Chicago essays and i don't think they will change a lot anymore. I still have to finish work on the online application)
  • Kellogg - 40% (Essays are in first draft + few post review modifications. I have to work on the essays and finalize them and finish filling up the online app. Also, i need to get hold of paper transcripts and mail them to Kellogg. Yeah - they want paper transcripts!!! The school needs some serious waking up. I must also call up the ETS guys to know my final TOEFL scores, update my part 1 and submit the same. Loads to be done for Kellogg. I have time till 20th anyway. No hurry whatsoever.)
An applicant friend visited the Stanford meet @ Bangalore today and later called me to provide some really good stuff she got to hear at the meet. Looks like we have to change some portions of the "what matters most essay" and we have done well with the remaining essays. We have our concerns reg the AdComm guy's comments on the entire process, but the underlying principles reg the entire Stanford admission process (not to mention the school itself) seems so warm and nice :) It is selective, but the school really if worth a damn good try. The home stretch with Stanford will start once these 4 schools are done with. You guys can be prepared for some more rambling on "what matters most to me and why?" :)

One more day @ work and then i hit the weekend mode. Hope i get to use it well and realize my aspirations (LOL - that was from my career goals essay ;) )


asiangalmba said...

Congrats on the good progress. Do you have editors helping you with your essays or are you reworking them on your own?

I find that leaving a few days between rewrites really helps because when you're in the middle of writing you're so caught up with everything you can't read your own material objectively anymore. =)

Ramkumar said...

gr8 machi. complete completennu yela title um iruku.
tell me if i can help in any small means. right now i am free as far as mba journey is concerned.
btw, i come to icf court every sundays. i wud plan to see u but at end of play i feel so drained i rush to my home asap.

Iday said...

@ asiangal
thanks :)
yes - i have reviewers reading my essays. I am planning to send the finalized essays to a new reviewer to get the "Complete Picture" feedback.
I totally agree with ur second line. It works really.

thanks man
now that u've offered to help, lemme see if u can utilize ur services :)
no issues abt the sunday thingy :D